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Boosie Badazz Claims Gays Threaten To Stab Him On Sight Over Lil Nas X Beef

Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz, who now seems to be a resident guest on VladTV, says that he has been receiving death threats from Lil Nas X fans.

The Baton Rouge rapper has been very vocal about his beef with Lil Nas X, who he accuses of seeking to corrupt a new generation of young men and cause them to become like Lil Nas X. He had a particular issue with Nas X kissing a male performer on his set and his “Montero” video, even though Boosie Badazz himself says he has no issues with gay people.

Since then, the rapper says that supporters and fans of Nas X from the LGBTQ community have been threatening to harm him, with some going as far as threatening him with injury or death.

“So you get actual death threats from gay people in your DMs?” Vlad asks. “Yea I been getting death threats nine months now,” he says. Vlad then asks him- “what do they tell you? How do they plan on killing you?”

To which Boosie Badazz reply laughing – “a lot of them say they gon stab me up…they say if I ever see you imma stab you up,” as he breaks down laughing uncontrollably.

The rapper’s alleged run-ins with the LGBTQ community began with Boosie commenting on Lil Nas X, but the situation spiraled out of control with Nas X responding and doing a big of trolling himself as he jokes that he and Boosie were working on a song to be released soon to which the rapper responded telling Lil Nas to go and kill himself.

Meanwhile, some fans were quick to call out Boosie Badazz, accusing him of lying, while others said he deserved the energy he was receiving.

“Lmao Boosie sis! You literally started with us first it’s up and stuck now you know gay people petty,” one person warned him. Another joked- “he’s calling for a good ol gay b**ty stab!” another said.