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Lil Wayne Allegedly Pulls Assault Rifle On His Security, Cops Investigating

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is being investigated by the police after his bodyguard alleged that he drew a gun on him in the middle of a verbal argument at the rapper’s house.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources confirmed that the allegation was made by a member of Weezy’s security detail. The news says that the two men got into a heated argument in Lil Wayne‘s Hidden Hills, California home when he drew the gun on the security.

It’s unclear what they were arguing about, but police sources say that Weezy told him to leave his house after they argued, then he went to the bathroom and returned with an assault rifle which he brandished at the security.

Police say that the security fled the scene and reported to authorities that Lil Wayne had pointed an AR-15-style assault rifle at him.

The security also claimed that the verbal argument escalated into a physical assault. Still, police feel that the security guard’s story is not credible since he did not point to any injuries he received.

In any case, police were unable to reach Wayne as he had left the house following the argument.

No charges have been filed by the security guard, and police say even though a police investigation has been initiated.

Sources say Lil Wayne denies that the altercation took place and also reasoned that he doesn’t even own a gun.

Earlier this year, Lil Wayne was pardoned by former President Donald Trump for federal charges he was facing in relation to a gun found on his jet. The rapper was looking at ten years in jail for possession of a firearm and ammunition as a felon based on a previous gun case where he was convicted.

As a result, owning, possessing, or using a gun because he is a convicted felon is prohibited.

The restrictions come from his 2007 case where a gun was found on his tour bus in Manhattan, and he served eight months in jail at Rikers Island jail. Wayne had pleaded guilty to the charges.