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Jayda Cheaves Admits She Took An ‘L’ After Wiring $50K To Jamaican Lawyer

Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves admitted that she took a big L (loss) when she wired US$50,000 to a Jamaican lawyer when she caught a charge for illegal possession of a gun.

In September this year, Jayda Cheaves and Gregory Wright were both taken into police custody in Montego Bay, Jamaica, when they tried to leave the island with a firearm, they brought into the country. Although the weapon was licensed in the state of Georgia, it was considered illegal in Jamaica.

Police later filed charges of illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition, both serious charges in Jamaica. The pair hired a local attorney to help with the case, and that’s when Jayda says she was seemingly scammed.

During her Instagram Live session over the weekend discussing what happened, Jayda Wayda says the attorney told her to wire US$50,000 to help with their case. She revealed that she didn’t hesitate to make the wire transfer since she was scared out of her boots.

“I wired the money as soon as he told me the fee…the lady read out the amount we had to pay in court and o was like, ‘oh, be bout to pay us back’, but he didn’t,” she said.

Jayda Cheaves and Wright were eventually fined US$5,400 for the two charges, far less than the $50,000 she alleges she wired the attorney. She revealed on her Instagram Live that she was reimbursed $4000.

“He only reimbursed me $4,000. He kept all that money. He never reimbursed me. I just took a big ol L,” the model said.

Despite the experience, Jayda Cheaves says she plans to definitely go back to Jamaica, just not with firearms. The Atlanta native was in Jamaica with some friends and her son with Lil Baby celebrating her 24th birthday when she was allowed into the country with the firearm. She said her bags were checked at the time of entry via a private jet, so she felt like everything was okay.