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Nicki Minaj Shares Papa Bear Debut Video Flying Stylish On A Private Jet

Nicki MInaj Papa Bear

Nicki Minaj’s baby Papa Bear made his video debut on her IG while flying stylish on a private jet.

Everybody loves a cute baby, and Nicki’s toddler ‘Papa Bear‘ is no exception. The little chunky monkey is a photographer’s dream with his chubby cheeks and an adorable smile that has been melting the hearts of his family and the Barbz from his entry into the world late last year.

Though initially very private with images of her bundle of joy, Nicki Minaj eventually became comfortable enough to share Papa Bear’s cuteness with fans.

Nicki Minaj gave birth to her son on September 30, 2020, and has referred to him as ‘Papa Bear’ ever since, showing him always dressed to the nine in top-tier baby designer gear. Her latest photo release shows her holding the toddler’s shoulders as he has his hands out, seemingly trying to run loose. Wearing a white sweater with a cartoon character and orange shorts, she captioned the photo, “#Balenciaga Papa swipe for his first official video. I love this lil guy so much man.”

The series of posts also included two videos. The first was a picture of the Pettys family entering a private airplane, while the other showed a sweet family moment as the proud parents were singing to the little one, “Go Papa, it’s your birthday.”

Kenneth Papa Nicki
Kenneth Petty, Papa Bear, Nicki Minaj

Papa Bear can be seen mouthing the words himself as he rocks along to the beat thrown down by his parents. He most definitely has Nicki’s talent running through his veins. This could be the first clue at one of the biggest rappers of the future in about another 15 years or so. For now, fans are just enjoying the immense pleasure we see on Nicki’s face as she interacts with Papa.

Nicki Minaj, who boasts 16 million followers on Instagram, put fans into that feel-good mood evoked by an endearing baby picture. The Instagram post quickly received over 2.7 million likes as fans gave it the thumbs up, though, to date, Minaj is still holding the child’s given government name close to her chest. It is also a welcome respite from all the gossip, drama, and disputes that tend to saturate social media.

This has prompted some fans to start playing their own guessing games, trying to elicit a response from the “Megatron” rapper. The most common name used by fans is Simba, an ode to the cute and cuddly lion cub from The Lion King. The latest picture had one fan stating, “This is adorable. Papa has your flow and charisma,” while another agreed as they shared, “I’m so happy you’re living your best life with your family.”

Born Onika Maraj, the 38-year-old “Chun-Li” rapper who originally hailed from Port of Spain, Trinidad, is an industry-heavy-hitter due to her animated flow, fast-paced raps, and ability to spit rhymes on the spot. Her versatility as a recording artist, colorful wigs, alter egos, and even at times her presentation of a character with a heavy British cockney always has her trending both musically and in the fashion arena.