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Foxy Brown Shout-out Nicki Minaj’s Son Papa Bear On his 1st Birthday

Foxy Brown sends a big birthday shout-out to Nicki Minaj’s son on his first birthday.

Nicki Minaj’s son, who goes by the name Papa Bear, is celebrating his first birthday this week, and he received a sweet message from his caring aunty Foxy Brown. On Thursday, the rapper shouted out Papa Bear for his birthday, noting that they are actually blood-related.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG PAPA! It’s the bloodline for me lol…Baby C adores her baby cuzzo we’ll see you soon Pap Pap. We love you!” she wrote as she signed her real name Aunty Ing.

The sweet birthday message was accompanied by an image of the baby was accompanied by Minaj’s song “Your Love” playing in the background, with Foxy also boosting up Nicki Minaj for the bar.

“Side bar [fire emoji] Nah Nic your CADENCE on this joint tho UPPER ECH,” she said as she tagged Minaj.

Minaj also had a response for Foxy as she commented, “Love you & Baby C,” with a kiss emoji.

Nicki Minaj, whose real name is Onika Maraj, and Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, both share Trinidadian heritage, something that made the women connect on a deeper level than just rap.

Minaj speaking of the connection, said in 2012- “when I found out that Foxy Brown was from Trinidad, that did something to me. In my mind, I felt like I could be proud of where I’m from,” she said.

Their friendship comes a long way, blooming in the middle of Nicki’s beef with Lil Kim as Foxy, a former nemesis of Lil Kim, took Nicki Minaj under her wing, and the two have become close friends and sisters over the decades.

In 2012, Minaj called Foxy ‘the most influential female rapper,’ as she noted that Foxy was one of her biggest influences in the rap game.

Meanwhile, Papa Bear celebrated his first birthday on September 30, but Minaj has not shared details of his party with fans as yet. Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, have been very private about her pregnancy, birth, and even the name of their son, which they are yet to reveal.