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Offset Left A Mom Tearful After Paying For Her Target Holiday Gift Items


Offset brought tears to woman’s eyes with his generosity recently.

The fan who shared the moment on Instagram showered Offset with praise for his act of kindness yesterday, November 28. The fan’s name is Sienna Diaz, and according to her Instagram handle, she is a Lifestyle Creator. “Thank you so much @offsetyrn for taking care of the items we picked out yesterday from Target. We are beyond grateful!” she began.

Diaz went on to explain that she had been shopping with her mom because they were not in the best place mentally as they had a horrible morning. She added that she and her family decided to go shopping to help her mom clear her mind. Target was their first stop.

“Since my mom didn’t get much rest the night before, last minute she asked me to get her a concealer to cover the bags under her eyes. She didn’t know if I got her the right color, so as we were checking out I was literally applying the concealer under her eyes (it was the right shade),” she added.

As they were checking out the concealer and going to bag up the other products, a woman said she had overheard their conversation and wanted to help them find the right concealer. She did not think that anything was untoward about that and said she was surprised when the cashier told her that the bill was $200 and the same woman paid the bill. The money was from Offset.

“My mom and I were like Huhhh lol … we were so confused and then she said “ this is from Offset…” and thats when my mom just started to tear up,” she continued.

Offset then walked over and gave the woman’s mother a big hug, and he also comforted her by telling her that whatever she was going through, it would be okay.

The act has put the woman understandably into early Christmas/Holiday mode.

“Sending you and your family an abundance of love. Thank you so much & Happy Holidays! Ps: my lil cousin has been asking for a doctor Barbie office for the longest and we can’t wait to see her reaction this Christmas,” she added.

The short accompanying video clip shows a laid-back Offset hugging the woman’s mother as she held back tears of appreciation. That generous mood is sure to put everyone in the right holiday spirit.