I-Octane Distance Himself From Klansman Gangsters Questions Witness Testimony

I-Octane / IG

I-Octane put more distance between himself and Klansman Gangsters and raised questions about the trial witness’ testimony.

The dancehall singjay went off on a rant on Instagram Live on Tuesday night, hours after he was named by state witness in the ongoing trial of 33 members of the One Don faction of the infamous Spanish Town-based Klansman Gang. The witness claimed that I-Octane was close with several gangsters who would often accompany him to a recording studio on Donrobin Avenue off Constant Spring Road in Kingston.

The “Prison Life” artist took to his official Instagram account on Tuesday, where he disputed being friendly or involved with criminals.


“People me never know seh voicing music for an established recording company is a crime… mi bus from mi a 16/17- over 15 years or more and mi voice for so many GHETTO LABELS…. Buss nuff ghetto yutes who a produce music from di ghetto and never involve or mention in any criminal activities, so why now?”

I-Octane said he was never escorted to the studio and raised doubts about the witness’ testimony that he had his daughter while there with the criminals at the studio.

“No one escort me to studio… Just let me clarify something that I see on the net….People in the music can tell you I have my own recording studio so when anybody wants to do any form of recording dem meet me at the studio. Next thing, why would I be doing crime and have my little daughter at a crime scene? So if having my daughter who loves usi cat my studio when I am recording so she can learn more plus voicing for a known recording company, where is the crime?…that means the majority of Jamaican artists are criminals then…”


The singer further went on to say that he has met many youths who were into “badness” who he had a good influence on, but he never became involved with their activities despite knowing who they were. He added that he never reported them to the police but instead allowed them to record as many times as they wanted at his studio.

“I am one of the biggest Jamaican superstars fi years now… so mek mi tell unnu this…I have come across (over my 15 years) nuff yute qho inna badness because of their background but come to me and say ‘DJ help take me out of badness. Note, I don’t know nothing about dem badness but dem ask for help- just to record a song on a riddim so they can get into producing and me nah go tell no lies, me record fi dem over and over because I want to show dem say life nuh stop a badness.”

I-Octane added that those artists perform for all kinds of individuals, but that does not mean they are into criminality.

“1: When it’s election time and I sing dubs for politician on both sides that don’t mean me into politics?” he questioned.

“When police a keep dem party at the station and me go sing free, that don’t mean me a carry info to them,” Octane continues.

Meanwhile, the witness did not name the recording studio, but I-Octane, in his defense, named the studio as the popular Jones Avenue Records.

The dancehall singjay also called out politicians he has done dubs for during election seasons past as he sarcastically called himself a criminal who was doing recordings for members of the government and opposition.

In a later live video, the artist also addressed the account of the witness and accused unknown persons of “wanting to see mi demise.”

“A whosoever put out the news they write dem own headline, that wasn’t from the courts, they write dem own headline and write it because dem ah sensationalism dem a deal wid not journalism…so when news tek up my name..dem write dem own headline to get the thing across.”

The artist says that there is nothing with voicing for garrisons.

“If any artist ah voice fi any label inna di garrison, dem a criminal?” he asked while laughing.

Members of the artist IG Live, however, were not convinced about his innocence as they accused him of making life hard for the poor who the Klansman Gang preyed on.

One person said, “Ras look nervous thou.”

I-Octane also called out another follower- telling her to stop doing botox and plastic surgery on her body after she insinuated he shouldn’t say anything because he isn’t convincing. “Better you never she nutn,” the follower said.

Another person said, “Octane look how yuh a dis the PM and yuh inna criminality- Fiya fi yuh.”

I-Octane, however, ignored the comments about his alleged involvement in criminality. Instead, he focused on mocking women who prefer plastic surgery, advocating for poor ghetto people, and “burning” out politics.

Others on the Live cautioned him not to say anything and get a lawyer.

“Yuh a one a di boasy slave dem,” he responded to one of the commenters who told him he was calling down lightning and thunder on himself.

The artist later deleted the live video, and the posts made denying involvement with the Klansman Gang.

In the meantime, the Jamaica Constabulary Force has not made a statement regarding the purported involvement of the artist with the Klansman Gang.