Young M.A Went Viral Nailing The Classic Dancehall Move ‘Heel & Toe’, Mr. Vegas Approve

Young M.A is known for her versatile rhymes, but recently the rapper showed another side of her personality that included some slick dance moves. The ‘Ooouuu‘ rapper used Instagram to connect with her fans to show off her dancehall and dance appreciation.

Yesterday, October 27, Young M.A shared a short video showing her fans how to do the classic ‘heel and toe’ dance move. Mr. Vegas‘ “Heads High” could be heard playing in the background as she playfully danced, and a friend encouraged her to keep going.

She captioned the post, “Stop playin with my body!!! Hello!!we need them chunes back!! ?? brukup! Hilltoe!” The video has already been viewed over a million times, and her fans were sure to show her some appreciation for her moves.

“That heal toe was shakeyyyy but I’m here for it,” one fan said while another playfully chimed in, “Ok Steppa.” Other fans in the comments section called out Safaree to get a dancehall battle going. He at least got into it with some laughing emojis. Safaree is also known for repping Jamaican culture. It’s also a good look for dancehall since Young M.A. has at least 6.5 million followers.

The post struck the right chord with Vegas as he reposted it to his fans as well. He had a simple caption for his post, “BUSS A DANCE.” His fans also commented with their appreciation. “Heel and toe fi dem yuth man!!!” this fan said, this one added, “u a legend mi general. Hope u keep on getting your rose,” and this fan said, “Dancehall vibes.”

Even though the majority of fans appreciated the sentiment, a few were incensed over the fact that Vegas chose to post someone who is openly gay, since he has taken a strong stance against the lifestyle in the past.

This fan said, “This is the double standard sh** im talking about, Gay is Gay whether Man or Woman. I bet if it was shebadda dancing to your song you wouldn’t have post it or tag him, SMH.”

However, with the amount of fire emojis on the post, it would seem that most fans were able to look past such issues and just enjoy the fact that dancehall had been promoted to over six million people in a single post.