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Kanye West Files Trademark His Own Dating App & Donda Related Products

Kanye West

Kanye West is getting into the online dating business and

Kanye West has applied for almost a dozen trademarks as he seeks to establish his Donda brand, and now the rapper wants to get in on the matchmaking! It’s being reported that Kanye’s trademark filing for the name ‘Ye’ is for a dating app he plans to launch.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that an October 1 filing by the rapper seeks to trademark the name Ye to cover six categories of trademarks, namely computers and headphones, sanitary masks, sports and athletic bags and walking sticks, blankets, and curtains, clothing, and a dating app. The trademarks were filed under Kanye’s company, Mascotte Holdings.

The date app trademark is for “social networking, introduction, and all dating services; Personall Lifestyle consulting services; Charitable services in the nature of providing free legal services to low-income families.”

It’s unclear what this dating app would be called, but it seems that Ye might be part of t or the name of it based on how trademarks work.

Meanwhile, fans reacted to news of the dating app trademark application, with many noting that it may be something like other apps but closer in nature to Christian Mingle due to Kanye’s Christian conversion recently.

“Imma find my wife on Yemingle,” one person tweeted in response to news of the filing.

Another person tweeted, “it’s gon be a Christian no sex before marriage typa website.”

Kanye West has been promoting his “Donda” brand heavily over these last two months. This is named after his late mother, who passed away in 2007. His 10th studio album, “Donda,” ended up being released in late August and went on to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. This came after three delays in a month, along with three listening events, at stadiums in Atlanta and his hometown of Chicago.

Kanye has been seeking to cement the name ‘Donda’ as a brand. The name is actually his mother’s name and is named after his 10th studio album, which was released in late August to critical acclaim.

His latest trademark applications come following a previous one filed on September 21 to put the name ‘Donda’ on a number of Tech products, specifically tablet computers, audio speakers, and surround sound systems.