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BIA Responds To Criticism Over Her BET Hip-Hop Awards Performance Of ‘Whole Lotta Money’

BIA addresses criticisms from some fans over her performance at last night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards.

BIA has been on the move as a new face in the rap game, but while fans love her personality, her latest performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Tuesday night did not hit with her fans. The rapper performed her songs “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” and “BIA BIA” with Lil Jon, but she failed to keep her promise of bringing high energy to the stage.

During and after her performance, fans ripped the rapper to shreds as they noted her performance lacked stage presence.

“I’m sorry I like miss Bia but this $t was dryer than a Popeyes biscuit,” and “Girl it’s giving you boring!…like girl you had song of the summer and u said let me lay on my back half the performance????,” “Just gotta figure out how to be energetically sexy…it wasn’t bad, just needed more energy. Kick them legs up in the air lol lay back on the couch upside down, idk $t”, were just a few of the comments made about her performance which saw her laying on her side on a couch for more than half of the song.

Despite what fans had to say, the rapper says she’s taking the criticism gracefully to learn from it.

On Wednesday, she tweeted at fans who commented on her performance, telling them she continued work to perfect her craft.

“It’s giving I wish it was me lol,” started BIA, “One thing about me… I’m always gonna stay grateful, and perfect my craft. Thanks for the constructive criticism! I take it all in and come back harder next time.”

She also shared a video from a previous performance that appeared more high energy than her BET Hip-Hop Awards set. The rapper told her fans, “come see me on tour,” while hundreds of people were seen in a throng around her.