Usain Bolt & Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Trolls Facebook & Instagram Over Outage

Usain Bolt invoked a response from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after sharing a meme trolling Facebook and Instagram during the massive outage.

It’s been a rather interesting day as the Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went down simultaneously on Monday morning without explanation and staying offline until late in the afternoon.

While many were scrambling to figure out what was happening, social media users took to other available platforms, including Twitter and Apple iMessage, which are among the popular platforms to keep themselves occupied.

Those on Twitter were having a field day, however, as this is not the first time that Facebook has gone under without explanation.

Among those taking jabs at Facebook were Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Usain Bolt, who shared a light joke at the other social sites’ expenses.

Twitter’s verified account on Twitter tweeted “hello literally everyone” while the #DeleteFacebook hashtag started trending globally.

Dorsey retweeted a user who commented on the DNS records for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp getting “nuked” with “how much?”

He then shared another trolling tweet made by Usain, which comes from a Getty photo of Usain Bolt looking back and laughing at his challengers at the 2016 Rio Olympics during the Men’s 100m sprint.

In the meme, a grinning Bolt, confident he is about to win, is labeled as Twitter while the runners up Justin Gatlin and Andre DeGrasse are labeled Facebook and Instagram.

The image tweeted by Usain Bolt is captioned “who did this.”

Dorsey retweets the image with the laughing emoji, clearly amused by the meme, a simile for winning the competition.

The Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp blackout came hours after a damning interview aired by CBS’s 60 Minutes where a former FB data scientist Francis Haugen identified herself as the whistleblower and revealed data that put Facebook’s business practices under scrutiny.

Haugen’s accusations are that she witnessed Facebook using its algorithm to prioritize profit despite knowing that some content was dangerous for public consumption. Facebook is now being investigated for its role in allowing users to organize and plot the January 6 insurrection.

The servers for the platforms were said to be manually reset on Monday afternoon leading to the social media users having access to the sites restored.