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Bounty Killer & Foota Hype Defends Richie Stephens Angering Some Female Fans

Bounty Killer and Foota Hype are getting some push back from female fans for defending Richie Stephens.

Bounty Killer and Foota Hype are among the voices which strongly support Richie Stephens in the height of a rape allegation leveled against him by Singapore entertainer General Ling who claims that the artist raped her in 2019, but the case couldn’t go further because there was insufficient evidence to charge him.

The incident reportedly occurred in Australia in late 2019 while the artist was on his Jamaican Flava Tour in Australia, with the woman asserting that she was a member of his entourage and that he committed the act while they stayed at an Airbnb when the two of them were left alone.

Richie Stephens has not outrightly denied that he had any sexual relations, as he focused a response video to the fact that he was exonerated by Australian police, who refused to charge him.

However, fans observing online have taken sides, with many asserting that Stephens’ composure and focus on discrediting his alleged victim was some evidence that he was guilty.

Others, however, took the side of the “Weakness for Sweetness” artist as they decided that he was innocent and the woman was indeed “looking a buss” from the allegations.

Among those who shared support for Stephens is his best friend Bounty Killer, who shared the Stephens’ response video stating that he believed the singer was “Not Guilty.”

The two men have a long history together with songs like “Pot Of Gold”, “Maniac”, “Magnet”, “Out Cry”, and “Luv-a-Dub Style” and has continued their relationship with Stephens listed as a feature on Bounty’s upcoming ‘King of Kingston’ album.

Bounty Killer drew the anger of many of his followers, mainly females after he captioned Stephens’ video, “Thanks on the behalf of the public bro,” a statement many interpreted as him asserting the innocence of his friend.

Bounty Killer and Richie Stephens

Bounty, a staunch critic of police organizations, later changed the caption of the post to reflect that he trusted the Australian police’s judgement in the matter.

“Let me state this clear I’m not defending Richie Stephens as y’all know he’s my (bro) but instead defending the rights and innocence of any person that until proven guilty I won’t believe though,” he wrote.

In response to a fan saying she wasn’t impressed by Stephens video, Bounty said, “It tells me that he was detained and a proper investigation was carried out in which he was set free after bcuz there wasn’t enough evidence to match the allegations so what more were u listening out for though?”

Bounty Killer also had a few words for the women bashing him under the post as he called them parasites.

“Unuh Jamaican parasite u would rather to believe the allegations than the truth of the matter. If she couldn’t proof her case to the police why she even made that video now it’s her word against his so should we believe her when the police didn’t?” he added.

While others called out the artist for being quick to believe the male rather than the victim, others bashed the artist, noting that they are not surprised he was supporting Stephens given that “he beat his ex gf with a hammer…birds of a feather flock together,” the commenter wrote.

The comment in point is a reference to the infamous case in 2010 when a 40-year-old Bounty Killer was accused by his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Racquel Smith, of beating her with a hammer. The artist denied that he had hammered the young woman in a Jamaica Star interview in 2020 but did admit to assaulting her.

“Yuh hear dem say I was arrested for hammering young lady, that was a lie. I did not hammer no young lady, but I did assault that young lady”.

General Ling
General Ling

That case was later dropped after the young woman was a no-show in court.

Meanwhile, Bounty was relentless in his defense of Stephens as he even went further to state that those who felt his friend was guilty might have been abused in the past.

“I think lots of the women in the comments was once fondled or raped b4 that’s why so much emotion and ignorance to the fact that this was properly investigated. If investigation did found evidence to be not true R Kelly would be a free man today so why the hell Richie Stephens is still being prosecuted when investigation had proven his innocence?” he had argued.

However, one of his fans was quick to point out that the fact that so many Jamaican women have been abused or raped should be concerning for Bounty Killer.

“@grunggaadzilla my emotions from the sexual assults I have experienced has nothing to do with this. I am very capable of separating my feelings from my experiances.”

Another commenter added, “Yes, a lot of women have been victim of sexual assault, and isn’t that sad? Because the majority of the perpetrators are walking around free, because many women are scared of reporting it for various reasons, so Bounty you are my artist, but don’t get too caught up in defending Richie Stephens that you start stating insensitive comments that can do further damage to rape victims! Black men, I know you protect each other, but can you give us a little of that protection also? I believe that’s one of the reasons God created YALL!! Just saying!”

Meanwhile, Foota Hype was also dragged by social media users after he shared that he did not believe General Lim- Stephens accuser.

“There’s two sides to a story or more. Now mi as an outsider hearing the Asian girl story when mi do my likkle investigation, he wasn’t even arrested, he was told he could leave in like 30 minutes after questions and back and forth…the way me know this thing ya, if the police did see evidence of rape, him wouldn’t get fi go home back or be in the country and do more shows.”

However, Foota’s fans were quick to correct him.

“Talk bout Foota Hype, Ishawna did do interview wid onstage and she said foota did abuse her in front of their son, Jamaica nuh just have a rape culture but a domestic abuse culture that needs to be talked about so foota should have several seats bout him waah come voice him opinion,” one person said.

“No disrespect Foota but you’re not qualified to address this matter,’ another one of Foota’s fans reminded him.