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Buju Banton’s Daughter Abihail Myrie Apologize For Using Gay Slur

Buju Banton’s youngest daughter model and entrepreneur Abihail Myrie came under for her comments during a rant on Twitter in which she used a gay slur to a follower who disagreed with her.

Myrie, like her father, Buju Banton, has voiced her opinion on vaccination and has criticized the government’s efforts to achieve herd immunity.

One of her followers responded to one of Myrie’s tweets in which he said, “chip nuh fly far from the block,” to which Myrie replied, “no it didnt at all. but u soon know wa else mever fly far. gwan run off yuh big dutty stinkin mouth b**tyman,” she said.

In later tweets, Myrie apologized for using the gay slur.

“I know when Im wrong. And especially in the age of awareness where we are pushing for inclusivity and togetherness, Allowing myself to use a slur we have long past is wrong. And I shouldn’t have. But I’m jamaican before anything else. To the lgbt community, I apologize you all,” she tweeted.

Myrie, in subsequent tweets, also asserted that she is neither “antivax nor am I provax,” but said that she was not happy about the news that some business places, including CVM news and the government, we’re forcing people to take the vaccine.

“I love my people. I truly do. and chastising one another for the personal decisions we choose to make is outright plain and simple wrong. Taking the vaccine is right in your book but if it is not so in a next man’s; who are you to judge?” she asked.

She continued that the latest vaccine mandates are bullying tactics.

“How can you feel good knowing that if this week someone goes home their pay is cut because they have reservations about the vaccine? that’s bullying and everyday unu sidung yasso and bully each other. what about their families? what about their kids? they have people to feed.”

She added that getting vaccinated is a personal decision to be respected.

“We have already started with lables. ‘antivax, provax etc etc.’ there is already a divide. people shouldn’t feel uneasy if they’re asked their status -whethere vaccinated or unvaccinated. at the end of the day, the decision is THEIRS.”

Myrie’s father, Buju Banton, has long been a strong anti-vax supporter who has been promoting Covid-19 conspiracies about the virus. Buju’s posts have been flagged and reported by Instagram as false and spreading misinformation. The posts which have been shared since the pandemic started have alleged that governments were responsible for creating and spreading the virus and that the vaccines were a way to mark people in the world.

With his sizable following on social media, Buju’s followers have been convinced that the government is using the pandemic to control citizens and had an agenda for wanting everyone vaccinated.