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Konshens, Mavado, Akim & Chamaco Team Up For Latin Dancehall Song “Merfi”

Akim, Chamaco, Konshens, and Mavado drop new bi-lingual single, “Merfi.”

The single was first teased on the official Instagram of Spanish street artiste Akim. The snippet highlighted an animation for the track and showed the artistes pulling up in a light pink car, seemingly ready to destroy any music records set.

Fans in the comment section were just as pumped for the release and showed their excitement by flooding the post with positive expressions and fire emojis. The support was overwhelmingly evident as the song, despite only being released for a couple of hours, already surpassed over 27,000 views on YouTube, along with gaining almost 4,000 likes.

The intro is atmospheric, capturing the audience’s imagination from the start. Shot within the ruins of Barcelona, Spain, the song’s visuals are absolutely stunning as the camera beautifully captures residents of all different ages within the community. The song establishes a good beat that leads into the song naturally.

Konshens’ voice echoes through the beginning of the song as Mavado deejays towards the ending of the intro, “Keep it real to the street / we don’t like sell out and we don’t like police/magazine ram in a the belly a di beast.”

The song highlights the neverending poverty that many faces in life. The arrangement is also tasteful and suits the mood of the song as the four artistes pour their all into making sure each lyric hits the right spot.

Throughout the track, the negative aspects of life are continuously highlighted. Streetlife is also a theme touched on with them, noting what one must do to survive. The melody used is one that would be easily remembered. Despite not being able to understand most of the language if you are an English-only speaker, you can still hear the flow of the words and phrases, which contributes to the sound and naturally rhythmic quality.

With Konshens’ “Boom Boom” verse, one of the song kicks off, grabbing the attention of many fans. His rhyming lyrics were captivating as the artiste declared that he had a “matik and a fat Glock.” His attractive vocal tone had fans gushing over the lyrics as he placed real feelings into them with his punchy phrases.

Akim’s smooth voice comes in throughout the song and is followed by Chamaco, who destroyed his part.

Mavado, the gully god, came in hot, deejaying in a different location than the other three. He was surrounded by his crew, who were masked up and in full black along with a couple of women whining on a table as he declared, “Take the choppa, full him up a dog teeth, yuh diss the link mi tek yuh body parts fi it..”

Each scene revealed a wide variety of interesting instruments, along with visuals making the single more distinctive and memorable. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and visually. Overall, the song is addictive and unique, with supporters have already declared it a hit!

Check out “Merfi” below.