Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Fans Want Proof Of His Vaccination

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel heading to court 2014

Vybz Kartel might’ve been vaccinated but his fans are now asking for proof because they don’t believe he took the jab.

The dancehall artist was among a group of inmates who received the vaccine on Friday as Jamaica’s Ministry of Health continued its drive to have the island’s population fully vaccinated. According to news reports, Vybz Kartel was among a group of 30 inmates from the Horizon Adult Correctional Centre to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The inmates had opted to receive the shot, which is their first, followed by a second shot six weeks from now before they are regarded as fully inoculated.

“They took the AstraZeneca vaccine with the second dose scheduled as usual,” news sources said.

According to the Jamaica Observer, all inmates are offered the vaccine, but the acceptance rate is low, with only about 10 percent of inmates in the correctional services opting to have the vaccine. The newspaper further reported that the remainder of inmates, about 70 percent, has indicated they have vaccine hesitancy.

Meanwhile, Vybz Kartel’s lawyer believed that if the artist received the vaccine and was allowed to participate in the government’s vaccine drive, the rate of vaccination might improve as many looks up to the artist.

A week ago, Attorney Isat Buchanan had said incarcerated deejay was ready for the jab and that he had expressed his desire to take the vaccine.

“They (prisoners) too are a class which are fragile and don’t have the ability to say let me be vaccinated and so of course it is of concern because they are persons who are ready and willing… in conversations with him he is ready and willing to take the vaccine if it is offered,” Buchanan had said in a TVJ interview.

Meanwhile, the dancehall community remains among those with high vaccine hesitancy. Many artists like Buju Banton and some Jamaican DJs are bashing the vaccine while promoting various conspiracy theories. This has resulted in a lot of fans of these artistes believing these conspiracies and help further the issue of hesitancy.

One Gaza fan told Urban Islandz on Wednesday, “No I don’t believe Worl’Boss [Vybz Kartel] took any vaccine they just using his name to mek we take it but we naan take it and we know he didn’t take it.”

Some fans insist that they need proof of Vybz Kartel getting the vaccine before believing the reports in the media. “So where is the proof Kartel take the vaccine, no video, no photo no nuttem. Fool them take we fah,” one fan reiterates.

Vybz Kartel previously confirmed through his attorney that he is ready to take the jab. It’s up to the government or his attorney to share proof he did follow through.