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T-Pain Details How Kanye West Stole His ‘Corny’ Steve Steve Urkel Line

T-Pain shared some details about how Kanye West blindsided him and jacked a line from one of his songs.

T-Pain has been busy on his Twitch stream, and no one’s safe! At least not anyone who has been foul to the “I’m Sprung” artist as he details events after events from the past or just funny recollections that his fans are ready to eat up.

The artist’s latest disclosure has some anger at Kanye West, who is accused of blatantly stealing one of T-Pain’s lines and using it in his 2010 track, “Dark Fantasy.”

In the song, a slick-tongued Kanye West name-drop “Family Matters” character Steve Urkel on the “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” track, “Dark Fantasy.”

However, the line was not Ye’s original idea since a similar line was used by T-Pain, but he was told by Kanye it was “corny,” leading to him dropping it.

The “Buy U A Drank” singer claims Ye stole the concept for the Urkel line after hearing him sing a similar lyric on his song “Danger.”

“Let me talk about a time that one of my ‘corny’ lines got stolen,” T-Pain said. “I’m so prepared for this and I love this. Bro, Kanye stole one of my corny lines. I couldn’t believe it. Kanye stole one of my corny lines after he told me it was corny. I don’t think he said it better. I don’t think anything happened that [made] his… better than mine… because mine was out,” he said on the Twitch Livestream.

Chris Brown & T-Pain

He added that he was letting Kanye listen to his mixtape because he valued his expertise in music when Ye turned around and stole the line.

“I was working on Watch the Throne and I was so proud of my new mixtape that I had coming and it was mostly rap,” he continued. “There was a lot of rap on my sh*t and I was showing Kanye my sh*t to be like, ‘Is this good rap?’ I really wanted his f**king opinion. I was dying. It’s f**king Kanye bro, you know what I’m saying?”

T-Pain said he shared the supposed corny line to Kanye -“I got beef like two burgers, you ni**as win slow and I’m smarter than Steve Urkel.”

He said he knew it was corny, and Kanye West also told him the same.

“Now, keep in mind the Winslow family, right? Corny as f**k. I knew it was corny when I said it,” T-Pain admitted. “Kanye confirmed it. He was like, ‘Don’t ever say anything like that.’ Then after that, one of his bars was, ‘Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low.’ And I was like, ‘Did this ni**a try to get me to not say my sh*t so he could say it?’ … I was like, ‘Bro, that’s my bar.’ He looked at me and he was literally bobbing his head, grabbing his chin, and when I said that line he looked at me and said, ‘Don’t say that.’”

T-Pain says he’s learned a valuable lesson to believe in himself and even his corny lines.

“I know they’re corny, but if the right person says it, it’s not corny anymore apparently,” T-Pain said. “When a ni*a getting lifted to the f**king ceiling like a God with a light shining down on him and y’all ni*as is paying $50 for f**king chicken fingers to listen to a f**king unfinished album. Twice.”

Meanwhile, T-Pain is not the only one accusing Kanye West of stealing. A range of allegations against the rapper includes allegations that he stole his Donda merch designs from a black-owned company. He has also been accused by musicians from his ‘Sunday Service’ production of stiffing the staff and not paying them, and they’ve sued him for $30 million in damages.

Ye is also accused of allegedly stealing sneaker tech designs from a start-up company, and even once accused of stealing a gold earring during a Versace fashion show in 2018. His allegations of stealing performance ideas are also numerous such as Lorde accusing him of stealing her set idea in 2018.