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Popcaan Sends Encouraging Message To Unruly Fans, Have Faith Despite Pandemic


Popcaan send his Unruly fans some words of encouragement as the pandemic rages on.

The “Give Thanks” deejay took to his Instagram account to remind his fans always to pray and count their blessings even amid adversaries. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, life has gotten harder for many persons, some of whom have lost their jobs, have experienced shortened work hours, and have tragically lost loved ones to the virus. It has been an especially hard time for parents, who have the added challenge of ensuring their children are in school with limited internet and smart device access.

Popcaan words of encouragement come at a most opportune time, as Jamaicans are in the middle of the 3rd week of no movement days. It has been deemed necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has put a strain on the nation’s health service. This strain has resulted in hospitals being limited to emergency services, and there has also been a recent oxygen shortage that affected both COVID patients as well as newborn babies. Citizens who already have a hard time covering their basic needs are now experiencing a lockdown which puts a greater strain on their limited resources and mental health.

In the post, he spoke about how persons may be losing their faith and questioning God’s power during these trying times, but he quickly reminded them that it is okay to trust God as he is still working miracles.

“I see pandemic have people questioning God’s power, yes there’s a God!!! Yess it’s ok to still pray and give thanks!!! Yes it’s ok to still have faith and believe in yourself!!! Yes it’s ok to trust God!! He’s still working miracles, don’t make pandemic change your thinking and mindset!!! It’s ok to have faith,” he wrote which he later shared in a tweet.

There seems to be no near end in sight for the pandemic, and Popcaan’s words are just the fuel his fans need to carry on.

One commented, “Blessings haffi flow when the prayers gone up.” Another said, “Yes !!! My God is real. From mi si mi survive COVID who could it be. Put yuh trust in him with a prayer a day peeps.”

Since the emergence of the Coronavirus, new strains have been popping up all across the world, which continues to prove more deadly than the prior variants.

Popcaan also has his own problems dealing with. Just last week a judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest which was put on hold as his court hearing for traffic offenses was rescheduled to November 4.