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Jah Cure Aims For A Grammy With New Album “Undeniable”

Jah Cure

Jah Cure’s main goal at the moment is to cop a Grammy with his upcoming album “Undeniable.”

The Reggae singer made that clear on his Instagram Live, where he announced that the album is complete and is being prepared for release. While the “Telephone Love” singer did not give a release date for the project, he disclosed that the album has ten songs that are all lovers rock.

“I was playing 10 new songs that I get to listen so I could approve them and send back to VP records so we could start to assemble the album,” Jah Cure said. Maybe we try to see if we could ketch, you know – you know me always up fi di Grammy and a dem ting deh give mi di buzz and di drive to go into album work wid whole heap a creativity and stuff. But long story short 10 songs – only love songs.”

Jah Cure emphasized that of the ten songs on the album, there is only one collaboration. The deejay was adamant that he does not need help from other artistes to win a Grammy award.

He explained that the sole collaboration is with a Haitian female artiste who requested his help for a breakthrough in the music industry. He explained that he met her while conducting a listening party some time ago in Amsterdam.

“Big up yuhself Kayla. Kayla yuh big. A one collab deh pon mi album. Caw mi nuh need nobody fi help mi meck Grammy. Last time mi nominate, a Jah Cure alone sing straight,” he said. He was referring to his 2015 album The Cure, which made strides in its first week topping the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, and about a year later, it earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album.

He continued to stress, “Mi nuh waan nuh collab! Mi naw look nuh help – dis time! One girl mi a put pon it and mi waan buss har. Shi ask mi fi help har from 2016 and and she have di collab.”

The deejay believes his hard work is enough to earn him an award, noting that he was busy working despite several scandals around his name that erupted months ago.

“Mi naw self-praise my self. Mi put een some hard work di odda day, all when di people dem stay suh pon mi name, dem nuh even know mi a work. Grammy mi waan. Privacy. Oonu naw come inna mi life again come scandal mi,” he said above his music playing in the background.

Jah Cure, in the meantime, said he will not disclose any more information just yet about the album but promised that upon its release, he will “break loose.”