Raheem Sterling Honors Late Friend Steffie Gregg During England Football Match

Raheem Sterling honors his late friend Steffie Gregg during England and Hungary World Cup qualifying match today.

Sterling, like so many other Jamaicans, is currently mourning the death of socialite Steffie Gregg, who is also the niece of record producer Rvssian. Her death sent shock waves through the local celebrity community on Tuesday when news broke that she passed away from complications of Covid-19. She reportedly had an underlying illness, Lupus.

Gregg and Raheem Sterling have been close friends for years, and naturally, he too, is deeply saddened by her sudden passing. The Manchester City forward wore an under jersey T-Shirt honoring her with the message, “Love You Forever Steffie Gregg.”

Sterling netted a goal in the 55 minutes to help England defeat Hungary 4-0. “This one was for you SVG,” the footballer wrote while sharing images from the game.

According to Rvssian, Steffie Gregg had a lot of love and respect for Raheem Sterling. In 2018, she shared a photo of herself wearing his number 7 Manchester City jersey at one of their games.

“This brought so much tears to my eyes LOVE YOU FOREVER STEFFIE,” Rvssian wrote on IG. “@svg876_ Steffie your name will be remembered thank you @sterling7 for being a great friend and doin this. Real people do real things. She always had so much respect and love for you.”

Steffie Gregg was the daughter of famed Jamaican race car driver and businessman Gary Gregg. Her brother Kyle “Speedy” Gregg is also a race car driver.