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Trick Daddy’s Ex-Wife Joy Speak Out After Viral “Eating Booty” Video

Trick Daddy’s ex-wife Joy is speaking out after his viral “eat booty” comments this week.

Every now and then, a topic that would make most people blush emerges in the hip-hop community. The latest in this trend was started by Trick Daddy, who revealed some intimate details about his love life while on a recent episode of Drink Champs.

During the session, he told N.O.R.E. he enjoys something that many don’t choose to discuss. Following his remarks, he started trending as fans and artists started to discuss his preferences.

“Women eat the booty, too,” he said at that time before adding, “I get ate out!”

Noreaga pushed the issue, giving fans even more details that they probably didn’t need. He asked Trick if he put his legs up in the air when on the receiving end of his chosen measure of pleasure, to which he responded, “it depends.”

At least one person has come forward to distance themselves from the remarks. His ex-wife Joy Young has made it clear that she never partook in any type of ass-eating activities with the rapper.

“He’s been with other women other than me.. Y’all already know that at what point did these encounters happen I have no idea,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. She added, “I am not the source. Leave me out of it.”

It’s also been a trying time for Joy, who revealed that she has no time for the controversial topic because she is grieving the passing of her aunt.

Trick Daddy has some support, as R&B singer Tank said, “I was just minding my business and then i’m getting dragged into @trickdaddydollars business! [face palm emoji] FYI that man ain’t wrong for enjoying pleasures from his woman.. My new single feat @trickdaddydollars ‘Let That Woman Eat’ coming soon!”