Popcaan and Beres Hammond Drops “A Mother’s Love” Visual

Popcaan Beres Hammond
Popcaan and Beres Hammond

Popcaan and Beres Hammond drops off “A Mother’s Love” visual.

“A Mother’s Love” video has already made it among the top Trending on YouTube with well over 100K views in less than 24 hours. The touching medley was executive produced by Shane C. Brown in association with Harmony House and Unruly Entertainment. It was directed by Prof and Kryss Ras.

The song begins with a short monologue from Beres Hammond: “Mama, for real enuh, The love that we have for our Mom will never change, only get stronger day by day.”

The sweet and sentimental music video alternates between their experiences as children and them in the present. The video starts with a bird’s eye view of each of the mens’ hometowns. This is followed by a side-by-side comparison of Popcaan’s and Hammond’s mothers from 1998 and 1970, respectively. The juxtaposition of Beres Hammond’s mother in black and white and Popcaan’s youth in color gives a creative spark. It demonstrates that a mother’s love is timeless.

“This beautiful little lady, creating miracles out of nothing,” sings Beres Hammond passionately while seated on a seaside balcony with the Unruly artiste beside him. Hammond follows with, “Relentless that she is, Mama gotta win, Real beauty about her, she does it with a smile,” while it shows his on-screen mother carrying him to school.

“Yeah, if mama get loud, you know me stay silent / Treat me mama with love, I’ll never use violence / Yeah, me life did rough, me know the rules and laws
Know the small board house, that’s why me love grandma / She teach me ’bout the living God, a no devil, no Prayers and, blessing a flow,” Popcaan deejays.

Fans get the opportunity to see a peek at what Popcaan’s childhood was like. Popcaan’s ‘younger self’ is seen helping his mother plant food, and he can be seen playing in the nearby river with paper boats. The transitions for Popcaan’s mother and himself are visually stirring and illustrate a rags-to-riches story. It smoothly moves on as his small paper boat turns into a yacht where he celebrates with his mother.

With this transition, visuals move from the seaside balcony to a yacht party, and finally, the song caps off with a celebration showing a drive-by of an orange box juice truck transitioning into a Porsche Cayenne. More touching moments ensue with the team and their mothers as they celebrate the night away with music, food, and coconuts as they sway to the modern reggae fusion beat.

“A Mother’s Love” is sure to be the anthem for the next Mother’s Day celebration by both Hammond’s and Popcaan’s fans.

Check out the video below.