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Kodak Black And JackBoy Screams At Each Other On Instagram Live

Kodak Black and Jackboy have not been seeing eye to eye for the past few months, but who would have thought the former friends would get to this deep stage of animosity.

As if hurling insults subtly on social media for months was just not enough, the two rappers link up on Instagram Live in an explosive showdown on Friday (August 27) that has since gone viral.

On the Live, Kodak Black accused his former protege of hacking his Instagram account and sharing negative posts about him while he was incarcerated. Jackboy denied the accusations, probing him to answer the question of whether or not Kodak’s password was even accessible to him. “I had your password? I had your password? Yes or No?” Jackboy pressed.

The two rappers continued to hurl accusations at each other, with Kodak finding it hard to get a word in. Soon enough, Jackboy ended the joint IG Livestream and was left spewing words on his own, but not long after, Kodak took to the comments to air out all that was left to say. “I made you,” Kodak declared. Jackboy pinned the comment and began to address it.

“You signed me for one album Kodak,” Jackboy responded. “You can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t force the horse to drink….what type a ni**a wanna be signed to you? You lame.”


The former Sniper Gang member added, “You talking bout you made me. How? Bro when I got outta jail I had $10,000 to my name. How tf you made me? Cause you tagged me on Instagram? I got 600k followers with 10 bands to my name. How you made me? When I went to jail I made millions. B*tch you was the problem.”

Jackboy was not only a signee to Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang Label but was also his popular best friend. While Jackboy made clear he still has love for Kodak, the rapper also shared he has no problem fighting or beating him.

“I don’t wanna kill you. I still love you I got all types of love for you. I don’t care what you say that’s still my godson, that’s still my godson, but a son gotta beat his daddy that’s all.”

Soon enough, Kodak was inviting Jackboy to “Pull up” so they could fight, but Jackboy told him to get rid of his bodyguards first.

Fans are surprised things escalated this quickly. While the feud had grown quiet for a while, things appear to have reignited two days ago when Jackboy declared himself the biggest rapper from Haiti, adding that Kodak would not be up for that position because he was not born on the Caribbean island. Of course, this did not sit well with Kodak, whose parents are Haitians, and he took to Instagram to make clear that he is Haitian and not a lesser one than anyone who was born there.

While many fans are disappointed in the friends turns foes for their latest showdown, they are hoping that reconciliation will come sometime soon.