Downsound Ent CEO Joe Bogdanovich Pledges $20K Each For 50 Nurses

Down Sound Records’ CEO, Joe Bogdanovich, announces that he is giving 50 nurses $20,000 as a thank you for all the hard work they have been putting in since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has affected everyone’s everyday lives, but workers in the health sector are facing the brunt of it. With increased work hours and the constant risk of becoming infected with the life-threatening virus, their life is seemingly hanging in the balance.

Joe’s treat comes on the heels of a recently planned sick-out by a number of nurses. The move crippled the operations at many of the island’s hospitals. The sick-out was a protest stemming from perceived disrespect from state officials and for work hours which have significantly increased as COVID-19 positivity and hospitalization rates increase.

The nurses had vowed that they would remain off the job until their concerns are addressed, including the guarantee of preferential treatment for healthcare professionals who contract the disease. Nurses have long argued that they are treated and paid poorly while providing an essential service.

Joe’s thank you comes at a time when the nurses are feeling most unappreciated. During the short clip, Joe acknowledged the plight being faced by all with the spike in COVID-19 cases. He said, “The Down Sound team is prepared to deliver to 50 nurses $20,000 each in cash as a appreciation to their commitment service to our health sector.”

Bogdanovich asks nurses to send a direct message of a photo of their work ID and state their work location to @downsound_entertainment.

“To qualify please DM a picture of your work ID and state your place of employment to @downsound_entertainment,” he wrote. “Nurses will be contacted by a DSR team member and given details on how to receive payment. THIS OFFER EXPIRES ON SATURDAY AUG 28TH @ 10am! “We rise by serving others.”

While there are many more than 50 nurses in Jamaica working hard every day, the gesture will go a long way for these healthcare professionals risking their lives to help save lives.