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Boosie Badazz Explains Why He Threatened Lil Nas X On The Breakfast Club

Boosie Badazz stands firm by his threats to beat up Lil Nas X but attempts to clarifies some homophobic things he said.

The Baton Rouge rapper is known for making his strong opinions about the LGBT community public. Some of his comments are often viewed as polarizing or hate speech. On Monday (August 23), Boosie Badazz appeared on The Breakfast Club, where he addressed some of these issues, including his recent rant about Lil Nas X.

Lil Boosie recently defended DaBaby on IG for his homophobic remarks made at Rolling Loud last month.

“You can’t even say da word now unless you uplifting it! You know, da opposite of str8, Yea dat 1! Dey don took my dawg sh*t again!!… in 10 years it ain’t gonna be normal for a kid to be straight,” the veteran rapper said in a clip he shared on IG.

He also added, “If I’m at the awards and he go up there naked, I’m a drag his a** offstage and beat his a**.”

Boosie Badazz’s statement was in response to Lil Nas X announcing plans to perform nude at the 2021 VMAs. Boosie was also making a comparison between the hate DaBaby received for his comments versus what seems to be acceptance of Lil Nas X performing nude.

Lil Nas X wasted no time clapping back on Twitter, saying, “a n***a saying he will ‘beat my f***t ass’ is not what we meant by freedom of speech.”

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When Boosie appeared on The Breakfast Club, the conversation kickstarted with him addressing the statements of him wanting to beat up Lil Nas X, during which he confirmed that he would if Nas X had performed naked at the VMAs.

“I really get offended when he said he would go up there and perform naked….and I was like all these straight people in the world and all these kids go watch this, nah nah, n—ga we don’t want you on that TV…If I was there at the awards, on the front row, and he got naked right there, I’d drag him off,” he stated.

DJ Envy then asked him to further clarify if a straight person got up there naked, would he have had the same reaction, to which Boosie responded that he would, “Yeah, f***ing right if he got naked I would f*** him up…you don’t get naked on an awards show with children.”

He didn’t have the same energy for the ladies, though, as when he was asked if he feels the same about ladies who get on stage and perform provocatively, he said while smiling, “You not about to turn this around [on] them strippers…I need my strippers.”

In response to Angela Ye’s question, “Do you think you take it too far sometimes?” Boosie said, “I think I say the wrong way sometimes…I mean everything I say and I say what I mean and people need to understand that the world has an opinion.” He went on to say, “He is the only one to speak in this industry…[because] everyone else is run by [the] industry.”

He noted that he didn’t go too far and, “As far as straight people in the world you don’t have an opinion anymore when it comes to sexuality…if you say you like women that’s vulgar.”

Charlamagne Tha God rebuffed this statement saying that rappers have been and continue to sing about women and their love for women. The conversation moved from his homophobic remarks to Boosie’s views on same-sex relationships, how he was more accepting of women dating women. However, he draws the line at them getting married.

Flame Monroe also joined the interview and noted that he shared some of Boosie’s views regarding the difference between raising a girl versus a boy. “Does that make you sexist as a dad? Cause your son smashing all the lil girls… I’m sexist like that too, cause when I think about my son smashing all the girls in long beach I’m with it, but if I think about my daughter…then I’m f**ked up girl don’t do that…I don’t think as dads or black men we will ever get cross that point cause we hold our daughters in such high regards.”

Boosie Badazz’s interview received mixed reviews, with some folks on Twitter questioning why he got an interview on The Breakfast Club after spewing homophobic speech.

Another commented on the interview posted on YouTube, “I respect and appreciate Boosie standing his ground on how he feels. People are to scared to tell the truth. Just because a person has a different opinion does no mean they hate the other individual. As a father I’m entitled to raise my children how I see fit as are other parents, but the way you feel should not be forced on my individual children.”