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Eminem’s Adopted Daughter Whitney Comes Out as Non-Binary

Eminem’s adopted daughter comes out as non-binary amid his ex-wife’s recent attempted suicide.

Eminem has spent the better part of the last two decades as a (mostly) responsible father figure for three girls. In addition to his biological daughter Hailie, who is mentioned frequently in Em’s music, the superstar rapper has also taken over raising his ex-wife’s niece and daughter from another marriage, the latter of which is now 19 years old and coming into their own.

Formerly known as Whitney Scott, the child of Kim Scott has announced that they now identify as non-binary and has changed their name to “Stevie”. In true 2020’s fashion, Stevie announced this news with a TikTok video, beginning with the words “Watch me become more comfortable with myself”. The clip then shows Whitney transform into Stevie, indicating that they are now comfortable with all pronouns, “she/he/they”.

Stevie’s biological father was Eric Hartter, a man who passed away in 2019. In another TikTok video, Stevie explained that they didn’t know anything about their biological father until they were shown an article about his death. Eminem adopted Stevie in 2005 before divorcing Kim Scott for the second and last time in 2006.

Eminem went on to raise and support Stevie and their cousin Alaina who is now 28, along with his daughter Hailie, who is 25. Em refers to all three children in his 2010 song “Going Through Changes,” dedicating the song to them and explaining that he will always love Kim despite their inability to work things out.

Stevie is the latest of several public personalities who have come out as non-binary, including singer Demi Lovato. The announcement continues to shock some fans, but it is becoming increasingly common and more socially acceptable to explore gender fluidity, especially among young people. Eminem has yet to comment on the news but considering his constant love and support for his family; it seems likely that he will also support Stevie’s right to self-identify.


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