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Dr. Dre Plays New Album For Xzibit and Diamond D

Dr Dre

Dr. Dre plays 2 hours of music from his possible new album for Xzibit and Diamond D.

Anticipation is continuing to build surrounding the mysterious Detox album, which may or may not be happening. N.W.A. icon and production mogul Dr. Dre has been talking about this project for years, at one point even admitting that it may never see the light of day. However, recent stirrings on social media have fans conjuring up new hope for the project once again.

Back in January, Dre was hospitalized after reportedly suffering from a brain aneurysm, and it seems like the health scare may have inspired him to get back in the studio. Producer Dem Jointz posted a picture of Dre in the studio following his discharge from the hospital, tagging the clip with “#detox2021”.

The hashtag alone was enough to get hip hop fans amped up at the possible revival of the mythical Detox album, and now even more fuel has been added to the fire. Diamond D of Diggin’ in the Crates fame shared an Instagram post on Monday, August 10th, showing him and Dre working together in the studio and tagging rapper Xzibit and producer Focus… D captioned the post, “@drdre played about 2 hours of straight unreleased heat rocks for me and @xzibit today”.

Earlier this month, hip hop legend Grandmaster Flash also took to social media to share a picture of himself with Dre, saying he had spent time at Dre’s house after an event and listened to a new project, adding that he believes what Dre has been working on will “change the game.”

While it still feels a bit like 2021 just began, we are nearing the final quarter of the year, and many fans believe these recent posts suggest that Detox will definitely drop before 2022. Of course, hip hop fans are used to being misled and disappointed by big names that like to drag us along and change things up at the last minute… (we’re looking at you, Kanye).

Let’s hope Dr. Dre is too much of an OG to play with our hearts at this point in his career. A full-length studio album from Dre will serve as a follow up to 2015’s Compton.