A’mari Says She Is Suing Shenseea For Using Her Image, Romeich Respond

Shenseea | Amari

A’mari claims that Shenseea has stolen her style from several of her songs, including “Neko” and “Ah what could go so,” and that Shenseea is using her image for promotion.

In a video circulating on social media on Monday, the artist who has been trying to launch her career said that Shenseea has been “troubling” her for a while now.

“Shenseea, you’re a sneaking pu**y cat,” A’mari said. “People who take way people man is not innocent, you take away Romeich from him gal, him still go deh and go get her pregnant, and ya fi go deal with the embarrassment and now you trying to embarrass me,” Amari rails into Shenseea.

She goes on to say the “Run Run” singer stole her song and her beat. “She thief JC Lodge telephone love, she thief the saddest days of my life beat.”

While A’mari has not stated what Shenseea has stolen from her, she alleged that the “Blessed” singer buys followers and has been trying to capitalize on her [Amari’s] career success.

She noted that Shenseea posted up a video of Amari and her ex-boyfriend Colin who she is still with over the last 10 years, on her Instagram profile with the “Run Run” track over it which has incensed her.

Romeich & Shenseea

“Ok you get some free promotion off of me the world realize that you a live off a me from last year when you sing mi song “Neko” that’s how you end up with Artist of the Year… you’re a sneaking likkle r*****at,” she said.

Shenseea has since removed the alleged post, which is a TikTok that was purportedly made by a fan.

Meanwhile, Shenseea’s local manager Romeich Major posted a cryptic message on his Instagram on Monday as he called out social media attention seekers and told them to “find another way to be relevant.”

“One thing me notice in life you see if it wasn’t for social media a lot of you so call ig famous people or ig entertainers would not even be seen or known all mah ask uno stop use social media to disrespect or tell lies on people just to get you [sic] name relevant or wadever [sic] you think you’re doing,” the Romeich Ent boss said.

“The world is a very small place let’s try to find another way to be relevant and make an income,” he urged.