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Sara Molina Says 6ix9ine Puts Daughter In Danger Because Of His Beefs

Sara Molina has responded to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s claims about their 5-year-old daughter, Saraiyah Hernandez.

In an interview with DJ Akademiks and Wack 100 that was released this morning (August 4), the rapper said he provided for his daughter financially and that his mother has been spending time with the child every week. He also claimed that he has been somewhat restricted from spending time with Saraiyah.

Last year, Sara Molina called out the “GOOBA” rapper for being a deadbeat dad, accusing him of sharing no interest in reconnecting with their child after his release from prison.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, had refuted the claims. When asked about it in the interview, the rapper maintained his stance using pictures on his phone as proof.

Molina took to Instagram hours later to respond, claiming Tekashi 6ix9ine has only given her $20,000 once in five years for the baby.

“He came and threw $20,000 out of five years on a f*cking table that I put away into an account for her, cause he doesn’t even have a college fund set up for my daughter. He spent more on his girlfriend in one year than what he has putting away for my daughter,” she disclosed.

“My daughter has like less than $100,000 in the f*cking bank for her college and everything. He threw $20,000 on a table that I put into her account while he walks around with a mil in his pocket and that’s over the last five years that he’s given me anything for my daughter like that.”

Molina addressed the rapper’s claims that she does not want him to spend time with Saraiyah, citing safety as one of the main reasons for the restriction. 6ix9ine is arguably one of the most controversial and hated figures in hip hop. The rapper finds delight in beefing with other rappers, including Blueface and Lil Durk, and is known to troll celebrities in the most disturbing circumstances.

Out of fear of an attack springing from all 6ix9ine’s troubles, Molina says she had requested that the rapper informs her of his and Saraiyah’s whereabouts at all times so she can be sure they are okay.

“I have his address, I have everything. But the fact that you don’t even stay in one place and you move around the way you move, me as a mother I feel uncomfortable especially when you’re targeting people and you’re talking about their dead relatives, and you’re targeting gang members and stuff like that,” Molina said. “Now you don’t even have security for yourself, I would be a fool after everything our life has been…. to let my daughter just go with you straight outta f*cking house arrest.”

She continues, “We explained that to him. He wasn’t taking accountability. He thinks ‘oh n*ggas not gone do nothing to me’ like he doesn’t take anything serious not even his own safety.”

Molina noted that she has no problem with him visiting her house to see the child but claims that this would not sit well with Tekashi because the rapper seems to have more sinister reasons for spending time with their daughter.

“It wasn’t a problem him coming to the house and seeing the baby I wasn’t even gonna be there, the problem is that he just wants my daughter to be out and about with him for show and I’m not gonna place my daughter in any harm doing that. That’s one thing that I don’t think I’m wrong for.”

While Molina said she had explained all this to Tekashi, the two may not have been on the same page. Tekashi had explained in the interview that he was not going to be a father on anybody else’s terms.

“I deserve to have my daughter whenever I wanna have her. Y’all want me to be a father or not! Cause now I’m not gonna be a father on y’all terms,” he said.

The rapper also admitted that he does not communicate with Molina as they do not see eye to eye. Hopefully, the former couple can work together for the good of the child.