Fantan Mojah Reveals His Mother Has Died, She “mean everything to me”

Fantan Mojah has revealed that he is mourning the loss of his mother, Mazelyn Moncrieffe. According to reports, she passed away on Monday at the Black River Hospital in St Elizabeth from a prolonged illness at 67-years-old.

The veteran artist spoke with the STAR about the loss of his mother and how the impact of her loss is affecting him. Fantan Mojah shared that he had a very close bond with his mother and that she got sick with a mystery illness just before his music started to become popular.

Fantan Mojah added that he used some of the money he generated from his career to help pay for his mother’s medication and hospital bills.

“My mada did mean everything to me. Memba a me sing say ‘mama hungry’ innu and when yuh check di levels, a really she mi did a sing di song fa. Inna some ways, when mi sing da song deh is like mi a say mi nuh wah mi mada fi hungry again. When yuh pree dat, yuh know how far the love go,” he continued.

The “Thanks & Praise” singer said he was at least happy that he could provide her with some of the finer things in life. He also said that he was putting his next studio album together when she passed away. Mojah said he will create a track and dedicate it to her memory. He also admitted that he was overcome with grief and cried for the entire day after he got the news.

He said that even now, on his birthday, August 5, he is still overwhelmed by sadness. He is trying to make sure that she gets a proper send-off and is working to make sure that his track dedicated to her makes the next album.

“But mi have a album weh just ready fi drop and mi ago put a special song fi mommy pan it. One deh deh already but mi have a next one weh mi ago ‘livicate’ to her. Right now though, mi just a look now fi gi mommy a good send off,” he said.

Our condolences go out to Fantan Mojah and his family in this distressing time.