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Chronixx Is Done Doing Features With ‘Embarrassing’ Dancehall Artists


Chronixx says he is done doing features with artists who are embarrassing themselves.

Recently two veterans in the game Bounty Killer and Beenie Man lamented what they called the lack of substance in dancehall. Now, one of the younger and more vocal members of the Rastafarian community, Chronixx, has also admonished some dancehall artists’ lyrics.

The passionate artist is calling for more unification among those who claim to be part of the order, including those who are dancehall artists.

He made the call during an Instagram live session yesterday, August 3, where he also warned of grave consequences if his words are not heeded.

“Listen the dancehall youth dem lyrics, stop embarrassing unnu self. All the man dem wid dreadlocks, all the woman dem wid dreadlocks stop embarrassing unnu selves before humanity and before God, before the Almighty, stop it because is a earthquake coming,” he said. He added that the earthquake he was talking of wasn’t necessarily a physical one.

Chronixx also called on artists who proudly wear their locks in the Hip-Hop and international community to also remember that it was “Rasta Man” and “Rasta Woman” who died in the Caribbean to give them the confidence and right to wear their dreadlocks proudly.

Artists worldwide who have dreadlocks must begin to acknowledge the role they play and use the influence they have for the betterment of the race, he added. Before any unification can be achieved, there will be a lot more unfortunate deaths; he continued using George Floyd’s untimely demise as his example.

Chronixx Clarks/IG

“We will have 200 more George Floyd until Africa unite. How much march we go have before the rapper them stop embarrass themself, the singer dem stop embarrass themself and go pon tv and pretend like they are free and have any prospect for freedom,” he said.

Chronixx also called for the youth in the industry to be more mindful of how they conduct themselves.

“So this is my call fi all the youth dem that benefit financially from Rastafari legacy, the Rastafari cultural wealth and cultural legacy, please do not embarrass yourselves any further, let us not embarrass oonuselves any further,” he said. He added: “And listen to what the artist and em singing about. It’s an embarrassment.”

He chided Jamaican artists who he said call for peace and unification in spite of their lyrics. The “Smile Jamaica” singer was in a no-nonsense mood and also said that he would not do any features with the type of artists that he mentioned.

“All my brethren that close to me know mi no play, mi no deh pon no joke ting inno. Y’all need to stop link me for features, straight, you need to stop linking me for features and stop sending me joke embarrassing lyrics to be a part of, dun wid dat,” he vehemently added.

The seemingly perturbed artist also added that some of the lyrics that he received from artists asking him for collaborations were also just embarrassing.

The “Here Comes Trouble” artist also used the time to raise awareness about the many issues he said African people have to face. He called on Rastafarians of the world to come together so that they can help each other, especially when a wrong has been committed, and there is a need for financial and psychological assistance.

Chronixx ended the lengthy video with love acknowledging Popcaan, who popped in to take in some of what he had to say. His message was clear, though, be believes that there needs to be more unity among the African diaspora if they are ever to be recognized as equal, and that starts with the music that the community puts out.