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Quada Represents For His “Day One” In New Visual

Quada Reminisces about His “Day One” friends and Humble beginnings.

The latest song by dancehall artist Quada titled “Day One” takes us along the journey before he became famous. We are shown a video of him in his uniform when he attended Calabar High school, with his deejaying talent on display from what seemed to be a cell phone, given the video quality. Afterward, we see the visuals break off to present-day Quada.

“Yow English ah dis we been a talk ’bout, from days when nutt’n nah gwaan, from before mi link Popcaan get di money in a mi palm, way before mi start perform. Now songs deh pan di charts memba when we used to laugh.”

Throughout the video, we see the artist in the studio alternating between his past and present-day self, referencing his hardships of dealing with “bad mind” and sleepless nights.

The visuals accompanying the transitions utilize a strong dark red contrasting him quite well, along with the flickering between his younger self, portraying in the video as old footage.

He then goes on to state that they are now family in his lyrics, saying: “Dats why a family mi call dem. Nowadays wi nuh wa fren.”

Finally, we see him traveling in a Mercedes-Benz, meeting up with friends for festivities and enjoying the moment while praising their accomplishments together.

He ends the video using a clip of himself in 2019 performing at Unruly Fest, speaking about his days on the street working as a windshield wiper. Overall, this tells us a clear story of perseverance and dedication until his eventual breakthrough, which finally paid off.

“Day One,” produced by Young General Records and Island Wav on the Day one Riddim, has been released and available on YouTube since August 1st, 2021. The music video done by Lagikz Supreme has over 70k views and 8k likes on YouTube and has been gaining considerable momentum on just the first day of being released.