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Snoop Dogg Says Moneybagg Yo Is The Hottest Rapper Out Now

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg says Moneybagg Yo is the hottest in the game right now but do fans agree?

Fans are weighing in on Snoop Dogg‘s latest declaration after the rapper was seen in a now-viral video crowning Moneybagg Yo as the hottest rapper at the moment. The clip that has been making the rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms was met with mixed reactions as some fans are proud to hear it while others couldn’t disagree more. “I got the privilege of being with the hottest n**ga in the game right now,” Snoop Dogg said in the video. ” And I got the privilege of being with a legend,” Moneybagg responded.

After being honored by a west coast icon like Snoop Dogg with such a profound title, some fans are wondering if a joint track could be in the cards for the veteran and the Memphis rapper. Meanwhile, others are vehemently disagreeing with Snoop’s comment throwing around names like Lil Baby for the win. “So we just gonna disrespect Lil Baby like this?” one fan replied to the video circulating on social media. “How he the hottest when @lilbaby4PF is the hottest?” another stan questioned on Twitter.

There is no denying that Moneybagg Yo has been putting in work for sure. The Memphis rapper earned his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 in May of this year with A Gangsta’s Pain. Just last year, his album Time Served peaked at No. 3, and in 2019, 43va Heartless was No. 4, so it’s safe to say the rapper has been on a steady incline in the last few years. Moneybagg has also clocked a few Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including “Time Today,” “Shottas (Lala),” and “Wockeha” off of his latest album.

Though not everyone agrees on who the hottest is, Moneybagg Yo is currently among the most talked-about rappers, and according to Snoop Dogg, the “boppin and poppin” rapper is on some “pimpin sh*t” with his icy pinky ring too.