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Romeich Says He’s Helping Some Folks Pay Their JPS Bill, Here’s How You Can Get In

Romeich Major

Romeich Major says he will be helping some folks this week pay off those huge JPS bills.

The Romeich Entertainment managing director took to his Instagram page earlier today to offer assistance to at least 15 people this weekend amidst the newly implemented Covid-19 restrictions announced earlier this week.

To reduce the number of Covid-19 cases on the island, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced new curfew measures that have reduced contact time by 3 hours. This change has significantly impacted entrepreneurs and party promoters who had decided to take advantage of the relaxed Covid-19 measures previously implemented by Prime Minister Holness late last month.

Romeich asked social media users to comment under his recent post, telling him what they would do with the money they typically use to pay their electricity bill if they did not have to pay the bill themselves. Romeich captioned his post, ” I want to help at least 15 people…comment and let me know if you didn’t have to pay your @myjpsonline bill, what would you do with the money?”

Comments by Instagram users varied widely, from paying medical bills, tuition, or car expenses to buying food or necessities for themselves and their children.

One user wrote,” Buy some more sand and cement stone and cement to help finish my house.”

Another Instagram user commented, ” I would use the money to buy more groceries ( toiletries, food and the necessities he’s (my son) is going to need).”

The entertainment mogul is not new to the world of philanthropy. In years gone by, Romeich has hosted multiple back-to-school initiatives in various communities. The community of Campbell’s Boulevard in Kingston is home to the Romeich Entertainment headquarters. The citizens of this community have relied on Romeich’s generosity for the past few years to assist them when they needed help the most.

Amidst the pandemic, Romeich spearheaded several initiatives to provide food and other essentials to over 350 families in Jamaica. In more recent times, Romeich has partnered with corporate production giants Wisynco. Partnerships also came from Pepsi, Excelsior, Honey Bun, Grace Foods, and Satdeh Soup to strengthen his efforts to reach more Jamaicans during this difficult time.

His attempt to assist Jamaicans through the coming Independence and Emancipation Day weekends is highly commendable. Romeich is receiving praise from social media users locally and internationally for his continued dedication to serving his country and his community.