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Roddy Ricch Cosigns DJ Akademiks PSA About Gangster Rappers Amid Fredo Bang’s Arrest

Roddy Ricch

Is it possible to be a successful rapper while still engaging in street/gang level type behavior? Neither DJ Akademiks nor Roddy Ricch believes it’s possible.

It’s a conversation that has been taking place far too often over the last couple of years as more and more rappers wind up dead or in police custody facing serious life-altering charges. The latest persons to have found themselves in a troubling situation with law enforcement are Louisianna natives Fredo Bang and Lit Yoshi.

Fredo and Yoshi were nabbed at the latter’s lakeside home in Miami on warrants stemming from a Miami shootout in 2019 that left one innocent bystander dead.

The target of the 2019 gun battle was the rival Never Broke Again group headed by rapper NBA YoungBoy who is also spending time in jail. Both Yoshi and Bang are currently spending time in the Miami-Dade County jail, with Fredo slated to miss his scheduled performance at one of the biggest hip hop shows on the planet Rolling Loud 2021. As for NBA Youngboy, he recently came in as one of the highest-earning rappers for 2020 and would have definitely been a great addition to Rolling Loud’s line-up.

DJ Akademiks, who is a close friend and associate to police informant and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, is now asking those trying to occupy both sides of the fence to choose a side and to do so wisely.

“Just a responsible warning to rappers.. u either gonna be a gangsta or a rapper,” wrote Akademiks. “There ain’t no famous criminal that are free and still doing crime. All the gangsta rappers who actually Still live the life they rap about after they got fame… been arrested and served time in the last 5 years. Pick one, rapper or gangsta. Nobody is both.”

Compton rapper Roddy Ricch saluted Akademiks’s view and added his two cents to the post. “SMH too many young n*ggas [one hundred emojis] The realest sh*t u gone hear @akademiks.”

Akademiks doubled down on his stance while saluting the “Die Young” rapper.

“I didn’t say that to sh*t on anybody who been in a certain environment all their life. I only speak to ppl who are in the entertainment business who choose to be a rapper. The stakes are different you gotta pick what is important to you and what u represent. Talking about what going on in ur neighborhood.. what u been thru…. Is different than trying to show people you still living your raps even though you are now a famous entertainer and being watched by millions. This culture has given us a lot but it takes a lot too.gotta know how to balance it to make senSe,” the blogger concluded.