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Lil Baby Declares He Is The ‘Lil Wayne Of This Generation’

Lil Baby declares that he’s this generation’s Lil Wayne.

Most rap fans will agree that the era of Lil Wayne was an intense one that helped to change the direction of the genre. Besides his tracks, his production skills have also become very respected by his peers. He’s looked up to by many of the new generation of rappers as one of the all-time greatest. A title they all desperately want to claim as well.

At least one rapper, Lil Baby, thinks he has the same it-factor. He expressed this in his latest verse on EST Gee’s “5500 Degrees,” which was released earlier today.

He raps: “I’m going too crazy, I’m the Wayne of this new generation. N***as fugazi, they can’t f*** with us no type of ways, these n***as too lazy/I’m cut from a different type of cloth, I don’t know who raised’ em/Every time I pop out all the women screaming, ‘Woo, baby.'” Two other rappers, 42 Dugg and Rylo Rodriguez, are also featured on the track.

The track is on EST Gee’s Bigger Than Life or Death album, which dropped today. Yo Gotti’s CMG and Interscope Records produced the album, which also has features from some other heavy hitters like Future, Young Thug, and Lil Durk.

Lil Baby’s boost of confidence is quite understandable, given he has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and seven BET Awards. In 2020 he also copped ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Apple Music Awards 2020, which spans different genres.

It’s no secret that Lil Baby aspires to have the same type of success that Lil Wayne has in the genre. He revealed this during an interview with Rolling Stone last November 2020.

“I always feel like Wayne did what he wanted to do, in a sense. And the reason I feel like he could do whatever he wanted to do was because he put the numbers up behind him. So that’s the way I’m kind of rocking. I’m gonna rock out how I wanna rock out, as long as I put the numbers up,” he said at the time.

The feeling is mutual as well as Lil Wayne once called Lil Baby his favorite artist.

“I started listening to the lyrics, I started listening to what the homie was saying, and when you’re speaking about something so real like that and figuring out how to make that sh*t actually go together and sound the way he make it sound – make it rhyme, even when it doesn’t rhyme, even when it doesn’t have to rhyme – that’s when you’re discovering something within yourself,” he said.