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DaniLeigh Confirms Pregnancy With Stunning Maternity Photos

Danileigh confirms her pregnancy after months of speculations.

The rapper/singer has shared some stunning maternity photos on her Instagram page, officially confirming the months of pregnancy rumors and speculations by fans. But, fans are now surmising that the 26-year-old only came through with the big reveal because a family member had, just hours before, accidentally leaked a video showing her huge baby bump.

Danileigh took a trip to the beach with her friends and loved ones and was seen in a short clip posted by a family member floating in the water with her exposed baby bump evident.

Fans had suspected that the rapper had a bun in the oven when she stepped away from the spotlight and began flaunting baggy and flowy clothing to cover her stomach. Danileigh also only showcased her top half in photos or showed shots taken from behind. She had not personally confirmed the rumors until earlier today (July 16) with a post of several maternity photos, captioned, “As you grow so does my love, discipline and focus.”

The “Lil Bebe” rapper stands near a waterfall in the Dominican Republic, her baby bump covered with a white, wet garment. This will be DaniLeigh’s first child and the third for her on and off boyfriend, DaBaby, whom fans are speculating is her unborn child’s father.

Other fans are putting facts together, noting that DaBaby might not necessarily be the father of DaniLeigh’s child since the two publicly split in February, just a few days before Valentine’s Day. This was before rumors started circulating that she was pregnant. DaniLeigh revealed that she was “officially single,” but over the last few weeks, fans pinpointed she and DaBaby were possibly back together when the two posted separate videos on their respective Instagram pages in what appeared to be the same bedroom.

Neither had commented on the fans’ speculations, and DaniLeigh has not yet formally announced the baby’s gender nor if DaBaby is, in fact, the father of her child.

Congratulations to DaniLeigh on her precious blessing!