Shenseea & Teejay Beefing Unfollowed Each Other On IG

Are Shenseea and Teejay beefing? The two former Romeich signee unfollowed each other on Instagram and throwing a lot of shade.

Sources told us that the fued in the camp has been silently brewing for weeks and grew more intense after Teejay abruptly left Romeich Entertainment camp in June after almost 3 years with the team. The Mobay singjay subsequently signed with Solid Agency in a move that some of his fans dubbed “smart.” His fans had steadily been citing that his former manager Romeich Major was only interested in furthering Shenseea‘s career leaving all others to the wayside.

While the ‘Uptop Boss’ maintained that there was no bad blood between him and Romeich in an interview with Suncity Radio, fans speculate that this might not necessarily be the truth.

The story has now gotten more interesting for fans following the latest update in a tweet from the dancehall princess. Shenseea, who just three days ago announced that she has signed with 2020 manager of the year, Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby, and thus leaving Romeich Entertainment.

Fans speculate that there may be more drama than the group is letting on, as was hinted in Shenseea’s post on Thursday (July 15).

“Artiste vex over me because me deh a RomeichEnt when dem come ya come see me! Joke dis! How me fi invite you a my house and you wa try kick ME out,” she wrote.

It is alleged that the “Bad Habit” singer might be taking a jab at Teejay, as Teejay joined the camp 2 years after Shenseea.

Shenseea was the first female artist signed to Romeich Entertainment back in 2016 when Romeich announced that the brand was extending into music production. Romeich entertainment was initially based solely on fashion, booking, artist management, and event production.

Fans have thus deduced that it must have hurt a bit to see Shenseea leaving the camp. A day after Shenseea’s announcement, Romeich took to Instagram to post some sketchy words allegedly geared towards Shenseea.

“Some people will only “love you” as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.” This insinuates that the popular manager felt he was ‘used and disposed of’ by Shenseea.

Either way, the “Blessed” singjay has been with Romeich’s management team for five years, during which her career has seen nothing but success on the music side as well as major nabbing several major corporate endorsement deals. Romeich has been commended for the good work he did with her career.

But, Shenseea being a part of the team before Teejay was not the only reason fans believed her post was directed at the “Rags to Riches” deejay. The other reason springs from Teejay’s own post just two days prior.

“All a this because of one gyal. Lol so no loyalty nuh Deh again,” Teejay wrote on his Instagram story.

Fans were also quick to realize that Shenseea and Teejay had unfollowed each other on Instagram, which could mean that there was a rift between the two that led to Teejay’s management switch.

Sources inside Romeich’s camp told Urban Islandz on Thursday that his post was not directly aiming at only Shenseea but also at Teejay, which may form the catalyst for Teejay’s initial response on Instagram.

Following Shensee’s tweet, Teejay shared a meme on IG of Jacob Miller’s classic “Tenement Yard” followed by Buju Banton laughing.

On top of this, some fans theory link the split between Shenseea and Romeich to his alleged girlfriend, Shacqueal Witter.

A fan speculated that things started to get sour between Romeich and Shenseea when he started going public with his girlfriend. Shenseea and Romeich have been rumored for years to be in a relationship, but both of them have maintained they are just friends.

Is the Shenseea, Teejay, Romeich beef just for clout?

Some dancehall fans are leaning towards the new controversy brewing for clout, expressing that this might be a ploy to create buzz about Shenseea before her new song arrives and her forthcoming debut album. However, our sources told us that Shenseea and Teejay genuinely dislike each other and are currently not on speaking terms. We’re also told that her current relationship with Romeich remains on shaky grounds since there are still some hard feelings about her latest management move.

Shenseea will be releasing her first song in 7 months on Friday, July 16. The singer announced on Instagram yesterday. A few hours later, Romeich also took to social media to promote the upcoming song, a move to show unity amid the chaos.