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G Herbo Praises Nicki Minaj For Her Skills, Says She Harder Than Male Rappers

G Herbo

G Herbo is sending his gratitude to Nicki Minaj for an early “life-changing” collab.

The rapper recently appeared for an interview on Tidal Check In with Elliot Wilson, and he talked about his Nicki Minaj-assisted breakout single “Chi-Raq.” The track was released when Herbo was only 17 years old, which really boosted his confidence after he got this rare opportunity to collaborate with such a huge artist.

“Definitely shout out to Nicki for that,” G Herbo said during the interview. “That was like my first big break, you know what I’m saying, and that just go to tell you how long I’ve been just trying to get on that path of stardom.”

He continued, “But man, that’s one of those records that just gave me confidence as an artist. To see if I could actually do it or not, rap toe-to-toe with the best of ’em. Nicki a female MC, but she still like the hardest ever, and she harder than a lot of male MCs. For me, to be able to get on a track with her and hold my own, it just gave me confidence to keep going.”

The rapper, of course, gained major respect among his peers and in the game after the song was released. He called the collaboration a “life-changing” event for him because of how differently people began looking at him.

Nicki Minaj goes hard when she teams up with other rappers, and in 2014 when “Chi-Raq” was released as the first street single for The Pinkprint, the rapper was on top of her game. Anyone who had a joint track with Nicki then would have gained major press and gotten a major career boost, and this still rings true today.

Nicki recently told fans that she has a “very very very important” announcement to make tonight (July 8) on Instagram. “There’s something I urgently need to share w|you guys,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I’ll go LIVE on IG THURSDAY @ 10:30PM EST No, I won’t be late. In fact, I’ll be early. This is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Love you so much.”

This came a day after Drake was spotted in her studio, as shown on his Instagram Story, so fans are looking forward to hearing what the Queen rapper has to reveal.