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21 Savage Sends A Strong Message To His Opps

21 Savage has a message for his opps or anyone who is taking his humbleness the wrong way.

The “Bank Account” rapper is reminding the public not to play with him because of his humble demeanor. It’s unclear who tried 21 Savage recently, but he is making sure social media users understand that he’s not the one to play with.

On Tuesday, June 29, he tweeted, “Don’t confuse my humbleness with anything other than being humble…. I’m that fr I just don’t talk a lot… y’all be tripping.”

Perhaps the 28-year-old “Rockstar” rapper thinks some of his critics misinterpret his humility. Thus, his message serves as a gentle reminder to his opps that he has plenty of impressive accolades under his belt and can still get gangster if he needs to.

21 Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has moved from the menacing, violent young star to a more mature individual over the years. The Atlanta rapper entered the entertainment space as the industry bad boy with his fair share of legal issues and controversies. These ranged from drugs, guns, controversies surrounding lyrics, and feuds with other rappers. Then, of course, there was also his infamous immigration case following his arrest by ICE agents.

But, in later years, 21 Savage has been making a change and turning around his image, allowing the public to see that he was so much more than his early output had let on. Among other contributions, the “Savage Mode 2” rapper continues to fund and host an annual Back to School drive in his East Atlanta community. The event, which has been hosted every year since 2016, has become a staple for community members, children, and families who enjoy free haircuts/ hairstyles, school supplies, and uniforms.

The rapper has also contributed in many other ways but has stayed relatively quiet about it. But, underneath it all, 21 Savage’s growth and development has made him a philanthropist and someone young rappers, as well as his fans, can look up to.