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Jamaican Disc Jockey DJ Jiggy Huncks In Fear For His Life After Leaked Explicit Video

Dancehall selector DJ Jiggy Huncks has been caught up in a sticky situation, one that he claims is not only false but also put his life in danger.

A viral video shows a man partaking in sexual actions that are practically blasphemous to Jamaican dancehall culture due to the action’s link to homosexuality. Social media users have speculated that Jiggy was the man in the video being sexually stimulated in the anus by his alleged child’s mother. It is alleged that the video was leaked by the selector’s wife, popular producer Mineral Boss Lady, who reportedly discovered that her husband was cheating with his child’s mother. Reports are that she stumbled upon the video on Jiggy’s phone and, out of anger, proceeded to share it.

Now DJ Jiggy has informed the public that he is fearful for his life, claiming that his wife may attempt to have him killed because of his cheating habits.

“Tawanna Banton, Tawanna Jones, Tee Tee, Mineral Boss, MBR Record, Muma Tee….right now mi fear fi mi life, mi fear fi mi kids dem an mi family dem an mi don’t want she put out a hit pon me like how she do mineral boss a Jamaica….Tee Tee MBR Records, Muma Tee, she live a Florida, an mi fear fi I life.Mi love mi mada, mi love mi pickney dem an mi take care a dem, mi nuh trouble nobody. So yuh see di video weh leak, is not me, she post it, because she have a problem wid me, wid mi d**k.”

The selector, in the caption, urged the public further to report his wife if anything should happen to him.

Soon after, Mineral Boss Lady shared her side of the story, saying she had only seen one part of the video and had not seen the second part that was leaked. But, she added that she has a lot of compromising videos with the selector that she could have leaked if she wanted to. She added that DJ Jiggy was basically calling her name for 5 minutes of fame and claimed their marriage was solely for business because Jiggy has immigration issues.

“In 2019, May of 2019 Jiggy got arrested in Florida, where he got held in ICE. Me, May 27th, go down there, married him, pull him out a ICE, he’s out on immigration bond as we speak,” she said.

Mineral Boss Lady also claimed that Jiggy’s baby mother, the woman who was allegedly in the video, had been stalking her over the last three years.

“Over mi nuh know wah because mi give her her man because mi don’t want the man, me in love wid my dead husband everybody know dat,” she said.

She further encouraged Jiggy to, instead of urging others to call the police on her, do it for himself, claiming he would not be able to because he has been wanted by ICE over the last 30 days.

The stories that have been unfolding from the initial leaked video imply that this saga will be ongoing for some time. DJ Jiggy, who has been receiving backlash for the actions in the video, will have a long way to go before his name is cleared, even as he circulates that his life may be in danger.