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Rihanna Navy Reacts To Bouncer Asking Her For ID At NYC Bar

Rihanna was out with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky on Wednesday night when she was supposedly denied entry by a bouncer after he asked for her ID, which she didn’t have on her.

It seems like the couple were on a date and tried to get into Barcade in Williamsburg, a popular nightspot in New York City, when the evening took a sour turn. A video online appears to show the couple being stopped by security as Rihanna and her beau speak to security as they blocked their entry.

Rihanna is seen wearing a pink open slit dress and golden heels with a pink hat as she smiles in a wry way at the security, no doubt at the fact that he doesn’t believe she is actually Rihanna, the superstar as speculated by fans online who were shocked by the incident.

Some fans further reported on social media that despite the initial killjoy, the pair were allowed into the club as they enjoyed their usual date night that included drinks and lots of PDA.

Fans, however, reacted with shock that she was not recognized and that she would even be stopped by security.

Some joked about the fact that Rihanna’s long-awaited album not being released is the cause for the commotion.

“If she released an album recently he would have known,” one person commented on the viral video shared online of the incident.

Some users felt that the bouncer was not at fault. “Wouldn’t matter. Law doesn’t change because you put out an album. I’m not a stickler for the most part but you can lose your liquor license real easy, and her one time visit isn’t going to pay the bills.”

Others felt that the establishment should have used their discretion “Lmao, the ppl in the these comments are crazy af. If Rih rolls n my establishment WITH mf ASAP. Not only is she and he getting in without ID, for free and also at VIP. This is free promo. STUPID. N it’s RIH!” another fan of Rihanna reasoned.