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Tory Lanez Shaken Up, Suspects Foul Play Following Car Accident

Tory Lanez suspect there was some foul play involved in his car accident.

The Canadian rapper was involved in a car accident recently, and if he’s to be believed, the accident was intentional. Following the accident, Tory Lanez took to Instagram to share with his fans about the incident as well as the conspiracy theory that someone was out to get him.

The video, which was posted to his stories and reposted on Shaderoom’s Instagram earlier today, June 24, account shows the wreck which involved a black SUV and a sedan. The vehicle that he was riding in was an Uber and looked to have taken a significant hit.

Probably still in shock following the incident, the Canadian rapper can be heard saying, “n***as almost just died, we got in a car accident in a f***ing Uber. Oh my gosh, bro,” as he filmed. While he seems clearly shaken up, he did not appear to have suffered any major injuries.

After he gathered his thoughts, he took to Twitter to share his feelings about the accident. In one tweet, he said, “Strange,” and in another, he added: “It almost felt like someone knew to crash into us.” Akademiks endorsed Lanez’s line of thinking as he also tweeted about the accident and said,”they tried to take out #torylanez.”

His fans urged him to take all the necessary precautions in case his theory is correct. “That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard smh but you’re covered PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH,” the fan said while another added, “Mhmmmm 6am I’m the mornin in LA on a open a#s street…industry tryna take you out.”