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Sean Kingston Details Cheating On His Girlfriend While She Was In Another Room

Sean Kingston says he once cheated on his girlfriend while she was in another room in the same house.

Sean Kingston has disclosed some personal information that has eyes opening, and not in a very pleasant way. The Jamaican-born singer, in a recent interview on the Lip Service Podcast, admitted that he cheated only once, but social media users say this one time is bad enough.

The “Beautiful Girls” singer says he was having sex with a woman while his girlfriend was in another room!

“She was upstairs, and I was f*cking another girl downstairs,” he disclosed. “But, she made me so mad to the point…and that’s the only time I’ve ever cheated in a relationship cause I don’t cheat, but she made me so mad. She had my iCloud, she had my f*cking Instagram, she had all type of sh*t.”

The singer was interrupted by the very surprised hosts, Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and Loreal, who tried to clarify and interpret what the artist was really saying. “You just said you f*cked a girl in the house that y’all shared, you know how crazy that is?” Yee asked.

“Yeah but I did it so smooth though,” Sean Kingston maintained. “How I did it was immaculate like she was upstairs and I was downstairs with the guys recording. She didn’t know nothing was going down and I was just down there vibing,” he responded.

In addition to his widely circulated cheating story, the singer told the hosts that he keeps up to 10 women he’s familiar with in rotation and that he uses no type of protection when having sexual intercourse.

“These girls know me from like two or three years,” he said. The “Eenie Meenie” singer also responded to questions about how many of them he is having sex with without protection. Kingston said, “I gotta be real with you though, I definitely don’t f*** with condoms.”

While Sean Kingston, born Kisean Paul Anderson, seemed quite comfortable spilling the tea to the hosts, social media users were pretty much disgusted by the disclosure and took to the comment section to express this.

“This episode was cringy to watch,” one person said, while another advised, “I urge all you queens messing with him to go get tested TODAY!!!”

Others filled the comments with the ‘disgusted’ emoji, and some shared their disbelief in the entire story, convinced that it was all fabricated.

Either way, the 31-year-old Sean Kingston is being heavily criticized for his not-so-gratifying words when it comes to cheating, sex, and his sexual partners.