Dancehall Baddie Jada Kingdom Confirms Relationship Producer Verse Simmonds On IG

Jada Kingdom broke hearts worldwide as she stunted her love on the gram with her boyfriend Verse Simmonds.

The “Win” songstress has been entangled with the American Producer for a while now, however they had not yet made their relationship Instagram official as is the milestone for couples these days. Fans have previously witnessed the pair together on Live sessions back in April as they flirted, danced and snuggled one another. Jada Kingdom proclaimed the two were an item although many believed it to be a publicity stunt. This was further strengthened by numerous allegations made against Jada by a woman claiming to be in a relationship with the singer. Jada vehemently denied all claims citing her relationship with Verse as proof.

Maurice Simmonds known to fans as Verse, is a four-time Grammy nominee and he has strong ties within the music industry working with heavyweights such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Jay-Z, Usher, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Rick Ross just to name a few. His production and song-writing credits have made him a force with numerous number one songs under his belt. Most notably however, is Verse’s own career as a singer. He has released popular hits such as “Buy You A Round” back in 2009 and his 2011 track “Boo Thang” which features Kelly Rowland. Last year he dropped “Gunstown” which was obviously heavily influenced by his bae Jada Kingdom with its Reggae beat.

In the midst of releasing her new project, “The ESQ Mixtape” which was released two days ago, along with other new music, Jada took the time out to announce and profess her love for her man as well as toasting to the length of time they’ve been together much to the dismay of her male fans who openly expressed their disapproval. Taking to Instagram on August 12, Twinkle posted a photo of her and Verse looking happily in love.

“A year & 2 months with you,” she sweetly declared with accompanying heart emojis. Verse Simmonds hopped into the comments to also express just how deeply he feels for the “Tek It” songstress. Writing, “I love you my Queen & we locked in for life, know that!” to which she responded, “@versesimmonds All dem feelings ting yah, Mi gangsta enuh yute! Chro! I love you.”

Elsewhere in the comment section, Jada Kingdom shared with her fans that she did her own makeup. However, her most significant comment was her plea to her male fans who she seemingly anticipated the resentment from in light of her post. “To all my kmabs … please nuh badda cuss mi du mi a beg uno!” she lamented however her request fell on deaf ears.

Here are a few of the heart-broken words from a few of her fans. “Me look different deso Jada / me heart u wah rip out / Watch eh man wid me oman / Lol ah joke you tek mi for / me hurt yf / Done me done wid jada, me too tall fi a take dem disrespect yah / Who that man? Wtf is going on / Aye yu try delete this before mi get upset / Why you neva block mi before yuh post it?.”

As you can see, her male stans are understandably upset and it does not appear that they will be recovering from the slight anytime soon as they took to her other recent posts to still complain about their broken hearts. On the other hand, others are loving Jada Kingdom and her boothannnng showing off on the gram.

We wish the happy couple nothing but peace, love and longevity!