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Saweetie Scoff At Quavo’s Bentley Bars With A Rolls-Royce Acquisition


Just weeks after she had her car repossessed, Saweetie has copped a brand new ride. The rapper recently treated herself to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which she showed off in a post on her Instagram page.

The new ride replaces Saweetie’s icy blue Bentley, which was a gift from Quavo, while the two dated. Shortly after the relationship ended, it was reported that Quavo had the exotic car repossessed. The rapper seemingly confirmed that he took the car back in the single “Having Our Way.”

Quavo reportedly gifted the singer dozens of lavish gifts during their relationship, including the Bentley, diamond jewelry, and Birkin bags. It’s not known if he reclaimed any of the other expensive tokens. Saweetie has not yet spoken about the repossession, but she did say that she does not think a person should take back gifts.

Speaking in an interview with Complex, when asked what she thought about returning gifts, Saweetie said, “I mean… If it’s mine, it’s mine.” Coincidentally she was wearing one of the Birkin bags gifted to her by Quavo during the interview.

While the rapper must have felt some way about the breakup with Quavo, she is not letting that get in the way of her work in the studio. In less than a week, Saweetie is expected to release her debut album “Pretty B**ch Music.”

In the post showing off the interior of her new ride, she was actually vibing to her song “Pretty and Rich.” Fans have interpreted the short clip as a dig at Quavo, showing him that she can afford to buy her own vehicle.

One fan on Instagram said, “I knew my good sis was gonna pop out in something better / best revenge is yo (money emoji).”

Another wrote, “He took back what he bought her, so she bought better… ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!”

A third user-added, “Women are big steppas too. As Lil Kim said, why spend mine , when I can spend yours.”

While there is no doubt that Saweetie’s career benefited from her affiliation with Quavo, she continues to make moves in the industry without him.

It will be interesting to see how well her album does, now that she is no longer affiliated with the Migos rapper.