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Megan Thee Stallion Stop Talking To DaBaby After Tory Lanez Collab “SKAT”

Dababy Megan

Megan Thee Stallion reportedly stopped talking to DaBaby and unfollowed him on IG after dropping a collaboration with Tory Lanez.

There’s an unwritten rule hidden beneath the pages of friendship, and that is ‘you cannot be friends with your friend’s enemy.’ Perhaps that is the perception of Megan Thee Stallion and her fans and followers.

The gritty relationship between the hot girl and her ex-friend Tory Lanez is quite complicated since the “Body” rapper accused him of shooting her in July 2020 during an argument. Megan was left nursing an injured foot, and since then, a number of her celebrity friends and fans have basically canceled Lanez. But, apparently, DaBaby has not joined that club as on June 14, the music video for “SKAT” featuring him and Lanez was released.

As a result, Megan The Stallion has unfollowed DaBaby on Instagram.

DaBaby has not yet reciprocated the action, and neither of them have addressed the public’s speculation that trouble is brewing between them.

DaBaby and Meg appear to be close friends, having collaborated on several tracks over the years such as “Nasty,” “Cry Baby,” “Cash Sh*t,” and DJ Khaled’s “I Did It.”

Interestingly, Megan had defended the rapper when Tory Lanez originally broke the news of a collab between himself and DaBaby in January.

“@dababy X TORY LANEZ ……… SONG + VISUALS ON THE WAY ….. #2021Umbrella ….drop a [umbrella emoji] in the comments if you ready for this,” the Canadian rapper announced in a tweet.

Of course, DaBaby received backlash for working with Megan’s alleged attacker, but Megan later posted, “That sh*t was old and not cleared [for release].” She continued by mentioning a song and video collaboration with DaBaby that was upcoming, “CRYBABY VIDEO dropping soon.”

Now, as it turns out, Megan Thee Stallion is perhaps left disappointed because the song was eventually cleared, and a new video was released on Wednesday, June 14.

The music video for the song “SKAT,” features a scene of the two rappers sitting on DaBaby’s car vibing, and fans are not okay with it.

“DaBaby is fu**ing disgusting. like how could you produce so many damn songs with Megan and still go make a single with the bi**h who shot her,” one person tweeted.”

I hope that song does absolutely no number,” she continued.

Another added, “dababy really lost megan over a tory collaboration that ain’t gone get played on nobody’s radio station or streamed on nobody’s streaming outlet.”

Fans are seemingly displeased with the collab, and many have now opted to do away with DaBaby as a result but will cancel culture have a shot with this one, or will the fans soon enough find another matter to focus on.