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Bambi Speak On Safaree Wanting To Be In Erica Mena’s Delivery Room Despite Divorce

The drama between Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels is unfolding as the couple has taken their bitter fight up a level as Safaree indicates that he is seeking a court order to allow him to be present for the birth of his second child.

Mena is currently pregnant and seems to be in the second trimester, but the couple has not stated a timeline for the birth. However, it seems that Safaree is thinking ahead so he can spend the precious moments his child comes into the world.

According to TMZ on Thursday, documents filed by Safaree claims that Erica Mena is due to give birth in July, but the way things are between the couple, he thinks she won’t allow him to be there unless she is forced by the court.

The couple who appears on the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop is in the throes of a divorce battle following almost a year of instability as they rant on social media about each other and threaten divorce.

Mena filed for divorce last month, just weeks after verbally attacking Wendy Williams for speaking on them airing their problems on social media. Williams urged the pair to grow up and work things out or divorce and focus on co-parenting.

Meanwhile, Erica Mena wants sole custody of the children – their two-year-old Safire Majesty and the newborn, but Safaree is challenging her for shared custody.

Erica, however, reacted on social media to the latest news about Safaree’s court order filing.

“Here I go getting dragged in the media and none of y’all even know the real story. Let me be pregnant and get through this time in peace,” Mena posted on her Instagram account.

In other snaps, she shared videos of her filming for the return of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She also shared that she was in “my darkest time …and praying for the faith and strength needed to get through it.”

Erica Mena’s friend and fellow Love and Hip Hop star Bambi has shared her thoughts on the drama. “When you’re giving birth, you need someone by your side to support you and tell you it’s [going to] be ok, pass you ice chips, hold your hand, and put you at ease. If you are only allowed to have ONE person in the delivery room with you…why the hell would you choose to be in there with someone who [doesn’t] like you???? TF?” Bambi wrote on IG.