Yaksta and Nation Boss Pours Their “Emotions” In New Visual

While Nation Boss and Yaksta are both basically new to the dancehall/reggae scene, both deejays are making strides by producing songs that fans say are much needed in today’s society.

On Tuesday, June 8, “Emotions” was released, much to the appeasement of fans and followers of the two artists. The song is, as expected, different from what we have been receiving from major artists in recent times.

Yaksta opens, “When emotions a pass through you, one prayer heal all those woes, just remember say Jah Jah feels your pain, Jah Jah feels your pain.”

Nation Boss follows, “When the sky is not blue, mi native don’t give up too soon, Just remember say Jah Jah feels your pain, Jah Jah feels your pain.”

It is no secret that Jamaica and the world at large are facing some of the most perilous times since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has affected the lives and livelihoods of many.

Many have lost their jobs, had their pay cut, and are finding it difficult to afford basic needs and essentials. In addition, the lockdown of the entertainment sector and other forms of confinement to prevent the spread of the virus has definitely impacted the mental health of many. With mental health issues proven to be on the rise among both adults and children, fans and followers are welcoming “Emotions,” which is offering hope to the hopeless.

“Finally the music is aiming in a direction that was necessary an needed,” one person commented. “Positive vybe, I respect the thought and confidence put in this song straight HIT,” another commented, and another added, “This is so refreshing! With artists like these I am hopeful about our music.”

Nation Boss and Yaksta have so far done no wrong in the public’s eye. Nation Boss made his first mainstream appearance just over two months ago after the singer released “Humans,” his breakout single. The song, which premiered on March 16, quickly made its rounds on social media, gaining over 5.7 million views on YouTube in just two months.

Yaksta, who also recently broke mainstream barriers with “Ambition,” is known for his positive outlook on life and ‘hustle.’ The singer recently released “Assets (Fowl Coop),” a follow-up for “Ambition.”

The two’s distinctive style and positivity are quite welcomed by music fans, who are congratulating the singers on what they are predicting to be another hit.