Sean Paul Says He Wants To Dine With Donald Trump & Elon Musk

Sean Paul

Sean Paul says he would love to have dinner with Donald Trump and Elon Musk.

The dancehall star named the business moguls as his dream dinner companions while responding to questions during an interview with National Geographic Traveller Food. He said his father completes his dream trio of dinner guests.

Sean Paul explained, “My pops passed away three years ago, so I’d love to eat one meal with him again. I’d want Donald Trump to have more culture in his life, so I’d invite him and feed him curry goat, so that he’d stop being so ridiculously crazy. And Elon Musk because it’d be good to have a businessperson.”

If that wasn’t interesting enough, the singer also revealed that he once took Rihanna for pan chicken.

He said, “It was one of the first times she ever ate something like that. It’s like a quicker version of jerk chicken, and it’s my go-to street food.”

The “Temperature” singer continued, “It’s usually served with a slice of hard dough bread and a little bit of ketchup and pepper sauce. When you go out drinking, it’s amazing for soaking up all that alcohol.”

Paul also revealed that he is no novice when it comes to the kitchen. His favorite dish to make is shiitake mushroom stir-fry. He said while he went to culinary school, he doesn’t really cook that much.

“I used to do hotel management in school, right before I broke. I did culinary there, too, and learned about French cuisine and stuff like that. But I don’t usually cook that much anymore. My brother and his wife are the chefs in the family. When they host Christmas dinner, we’re licking our lips,” he told the team.

Reminiscing on his childhood, Sean Paul said curry chicken reminds him of his childhood. It’s also his favorite dish to cook as an adult. Sean Paul has been weathering the pandemic doing what he loves the best, making music. He has already released one out of the two albums he is expected to drop this year.