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Dreezy Addresses Rumored Fight With Jacquees And Another Man In Mexico

Dreezy is disclosing the details surrounding an altercation that took place in Mexico between herself, an unknown man, and her boyfriend Jacquees that was captured on camera on Monday, May 31.

The singer took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to clear the air on what really went down. The viral video shows an incident at the beach, where a man is being assisted from the ground while surrounded by security guards. Jacquees stands to the side, but it is reported that he ‘bodyslammed’ the man to the floor before the camera started rolling. According to reports, Jacquees’ attack came after the man threw blows at his girlfriend Dreezy. She was also seen being restrained by security as she attempted to throw her shoes at the man.

Dreezy later took to Instagram live to divulge that the man actually had an altercation with Jacquees and when she approached to check on them, the man punched her in the face.

“A grown man put his hands on me yesterday. That man ya’ll see on the floor punched me in my face yesterday over some stuff he had going on with Jacquees. They had they little altercation, I walked up to see what was going on and I got stalled on,” she said, apparently still in Mexico. The singer spoke from a body of water while donning her swimwear. Jacquees can be seen sitting behind her using binoculars while smoking on a cigar.

“So Jacquees did what he had to do. He body slammed that n***a, kicked him in his face that’s why he was on the floor. I didn’t even get to touch the n*gga that’s why you see me get mad and throw my shoe cause security was pulling me back,” she added.

The “Close To You” artiste claims Jacquees was standing to the side when security arrived, as shown in the video because he had already handled the situation. She also disclosed that the man was arrested after the incident.

“Jacquees stood to the side once security stepped in cause he already handled it. I just had to clear that up. Y’all here playing my boy he stepped up, did what he needed to do, knocked that b*tch out….and the man is in Mexican jail, wherever you at, you stupid,” she quips.

Dreezy also took to Twitter to post a line from Migos’ “Straightenin.” She boldly wrote, “Ain’t nun but a lil bit of straightenin.”

The on and off couple are apparently not too phased by the incident as they continue to enjoy themselves on their vacation in Mexico.